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Custom Agile project template lost after restart or migration.


Referring to the raised bug: GHS-2276


  1. Back up your SQL data
  2. Determine the current GH general settings using a query like:

    Save those results to a file.

  3. Edit the file, add or change to declare 'CUSTOM_TEMPLATES':

    Please note:If there're multiple custom templates, they should be all declared with separated by a comma, as in:

    1. The IDs of existing custom templates can be found with this SQL query:

    2. The IDs is listed under the property_keycolumn right before the work 'CONFIGURATION.
      1. Example: 1332882417462_CONFIGURATION has the ID of 1332882417462
  4. Turn the XML output into an update statement by enclosing it an an update statement, for example:

  5. Run the SQL statement you've prepared, preferably by "sourcing" the file from within the MySQL command line client.
  6. Restart JIRA to pick up the changes.