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  • Deleting Duplicated Locked Sprint Customfield for JIRA Agile
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After upgrading JIRA Agile to version 6.1.4, users may find the duplicate JIRA Agile custom fields in JIRA. And to fix this, please refer to How to Fix the Duplicate GreenHopper Custom Fields After Upgrading. But after applying the fix, the duplicated Sprint Field is Locked and unable to delete from the instance.


Open the Custom Field and see if you are having similar Locked Sprint Field as shown below:


It appears to be caused by the bug reported on GHS-7984 - Getting issue details... STATUS


So to delete the locked sprint field from the JIRA instance, you will need to follow the steps below to identify which customfield is affected and remove the locked status to enable deletion on the JIRA instance.


The following changes are irreversible. Please ensure that the JIRA database backup is taken before proceeding to the resolution steps. It is also recommended that JIRA is taken out of service before starting the database backup.

After completing the resolution steps described below, please check the JIRA instance and the JIRA Agile configuration including user tests before bringing JIRA online. For e.g.

  • Do all the boards show up correctly
  • Are all the earlier sprints intact
  • Are the Story Points, Epic, Ranking and Business Value are correct in issues by doing a random check
  • Are the Sprint Reports and Burn-down charts intact (both Classic boards and Rapid boards)
  1. Shut down JIRA
  2. Run the following query on the database level to identify which customfield that JIRA Agile is using currently.

    SELECT, entity_name, entity_id, property_key, propertyvalue FROM propertynumber ref, propertyentry where  and property_key like '';
  3. It will return a table similar like the one shown below, the propertyvalue column shows the customfield that is used by JIRA Agile.

    | id    | entity_name            | entity_id | property_key                              | propertyvalue |
    | 10643 | |         1 | |         10007 |
  4. Run the following query to return the duplicated sprint fields

    SELECT ID,CUSTOMFIELDTYPEKEY, cfname from customfield where CUSTOMFIELDTYPEKEY like 'com.pyxis.greenhopper.jira:gh-sprint';
  5. It will return a table similar like the one shown below, the duplicated customfield that we would like to delete is with the ID of 10710

    | ID    | CUSTOMFIELDTYPEKEY                   | cfname |
    | 10007 | com.pyxis.greenhopper.jira:gh-sprint | Sprint |
    | 10710 | com.pyxis.greenhopper.jira:gh-sprint | Sprint |
  6. Run the following query to verify the sprint field is locked on the database level, change the 10710 number to the duplicated customfield ID that you have obtained from above query.

    SELECT ID, ITEM_ID, ACCESS_LEVEL from managedconfigurationitem where ITEM_ID like '%10710%';
  7. It will return a table like below, and indicate the customfield has been locked

    | ID    | ITEM_ID           | ACCESS_LEVEL |
    | 10006 | customfield_10710 | LOCKED       |
  8. Finally remove the entry from the database to remove the lock over the customfield 10710. Please replace the entry 10710 to the duplicated customfield ID similar to the step number 7.

    DELETE from managedconfigurationitem where ITEM_ID like '%10710%';
  9. Start JIRA

  10. Navigate to Administration > Issues > Fields > Custom Fields , you should be seeing the locked has been removed from the customfield and you are able to delete it by click on the far right gear icon and delete.

    (info)  In case you are finding difficulties in any of the steps above, please contact Atlassian Support with a detailed description of the problem.


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