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  • Epic Name field is required on Create Issue Screen for other Issue Types
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When creating an issue in JIRA, there is an Epic Name field which has been marked as Required on the Create Issue screen, even though the currently selected issue type is not Epic


In the custom field configuration page, looking at the Epic Name custom field, we can see that its global context has been set to other issue types as well, as in this screenshot:


  • You must first unlock the JIRA Agile field to make it available for editing. Please follow this documentation to do so: How to unlock a Locked field
  • Once the unlock is complete, go to the Custom Fields administration page, and look for the Epic Name custom field. Click on the cogwheel icon on the most right side to bring out the dropdown menu, and select CONFIGURE. Once here, you should see a Default Configuration Scheme for Epic Name. Click on the Edit Configuration button.
  • In the "Choose applicable issue types" section, there is a multi-select box with issue types inside it. Ensure that only the EPIC issue type is selected, and no other. Save the changes.
    Relock your epic field, again using this documentation just performing the update command and set managed='true' instead for the field that was altered before.
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