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  • Epics marked as Epic Status = Done continue to appear on the Agile Board
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Per the JIRA Agile documentation, setting an Epic issue's Epic Status field to Done should omit that Epic from the Agile Board. However, one or more projects do not appear to follow this rule.


To ensure you're facing this specific problem, try each of your Epic Status options to determine if any of them cause the Agile Board to omit the Epic card.


This is caused by the way that the Epic Status field is checked by the Agile Board. When checking for done-ness, JIRA Agile identifies the option that is last in the list as the definition of done.


  • (error) Be sure to take a full backup of JIRA before proceeding.
  • Run the following query against your SQL database:
UPDATE managedconfigurationitem SET managed='false';
  • Go to Administration > Issues > Custom Fields
  • Select Configure for Epic Status
  • Click Edit Options
  • Adjust the options so that the status you want to consider done is the last in the list
  • Click done
  • Reindex JIRA



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