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  • Exception: ReferenceError: moment is not defined is thrown when accessing Agile Boards
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When accessing Agile -> View All Boards, the following error is displayed:




The "Epic Link" custom field was wrongly mapped to custom field that is not Epic Link (in this case, it was mapped to the Account custom field from Tempo Plugin):

SELECT entity_name, property_key, propertyvalue, cf.cfname, cf.customfieldtypekey 
  FROM propertynumber ref, propertyentry, customfield cf
   AND propertyvalue = 
   AND property_key like '';


You will need to manually associate the correct custom field in the database. Please backup your instance before proceeding.

update propertynumber 
   set propertyvalue = (select id 
                          from customfield 
                         where cfname = 'Epic Link') 
 where id = (select id 
               from propertyentry 
              where property_key like '');

After that, restart JIRA and the Manage Boards page should open up normally.

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