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  • How to edit the Dates Associated with a closed Sprint
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It is currently not possible to modify the Start/End/Complete dates of a closed sprint through the JIRA/JIRA Agile interface. It can only be accomplished through direct modification of the JIRA database.


Please be sure to back up your database before executing any direct modifications to the database. If you have a testing/staging JIRA environment, always test such modifications there before trying them on your live instance of JIRA. This procedure has not undergone official testing and may produce unexpected results.

Identifying the Sprint

Navigate to an issue within the the sprint to be modified, then hover over the sprint name under the Agile portion of the issue view screen - the resulting URL will provide the 'sprintID':

Modifying the Sprint

Once you have the ID of the sprint to be modified:

  1. Shut down JIRA
  2. Use the following query to change the desired date data:

    UPDATE "AO_60DB71_SPRINT" SET "dateType" = 'timeValue' WHERE "ID" = 'sprintID';

    The 'dateType' value should be modified based on the following:

    START_DATEThe date/time configured as the sprint's starting date, as set in the "Start Sprint" dialog.
    END_DATEThe date/time configured as the sprint's ending date, as set in the "Start Sprint" dialog.
    COMPLETE_DATEThe date/time the sprint is completed using the "Complete Sprint" interface action.

    (info) The 'timeValue' is set in milliseconds. Several online converters exist to translate from date/time to milliseconds, such as Epoch Converter.

  3. Start JIRA

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  1. There is a typo in the dateType table.  "COMPETE_DATE" should say "COMPLETE_DATE"

    1. Updated. Thanks, Sylvia. =)

  2. What is the solution for this when a user is hosting their solution with Atlassian?

  3. Is their an open issue to get Atlassian to fix this issue?  I want to vote for it.

  4. I also need to alter the dates of a closed sprint.