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  • How to remove Sprints on Rapid Board
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This Knowledge Base Article does not work in JIRA Agile 6.4+. There is no way to delete completed sprints in the current version of JIRA Agile. Please vote for GHS-9220 - Getting issue details... STATUS if this is a feature you would like to be implemented.


If you have Sprints created just for test and/or have created sprints by mistake you cannot simply remove, however you are able to clean the Sprint field value from all issues of the desired Sprint.


  1. Go to your Field Configuration and add the field Sprint to the Default Screen;
  2. Go to the Rapid Board Report View and open all the issues of the desired Sprint;
  3. Go to the issue Edit screen to get the Sprint field data (number not the Sprint name)
  4. Run a query on JIRA Issue navigator searching for: Sprint = <sprint number>

  5. Bulk Edit the field Sprint for all issues on the search;

  6. Remove the sprint number and complete the Bulk edit;

    Make sure you delete the right Sprint number, otherwise you will remove the issue from other Sprints

  7. Remove the sprint number and complete the Bulk edit;


Check the Rapid Board and note that there is no Reports related to Sprint 5.





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