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  • How to remove Visibility restrictions on a board
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On the Recently visited boards or All boards page in Agile, the Visibility of my board shows as RESTRICTED.  


The reason that the board is showing as restricted is that the filter used to create this board has restrictions on it, which prevents users from viewing the board. 

The way this is displayed on the Boards dashboard in Agile recently changed, however this did not affect which users have access to a board, it simply made it clearer to discover whether or not a certain board was restricted from the dashboard, in line with our other products.  


If you'd like to remove all restrictions from a board, you can follow the steps below. 

To change the visibility of your Agile Board to All Users:

  1. Click on the ... icon to the right and select configure
  2. The configuration for the board will be shown, notice the red padlocks shown under Filter Shares. Click on the Edit Filter Shares link.
  3. The edit current filter screen will now be displayed, beside the Add Shares ensure that Everyone is selected in the drop down box, before clicking Add
  4. Once the page re-loads confirm that next to Shares it says share with all users, and then click *Save
  5. Confirm that the Visibility now says All Users
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  1. In step 2 it says that there should be an "Edit Filter Shares" link.  Unfortunately it is not shown for me.  I am setup up as a user with in the following groups administrator user, Manager, JIRA users, Developers, site admin, Project admin.

    There is some  other permission somewhere that is preventing me from seeing the "Edit Filter Shares" link and this article does not address that additional permission setup problem.

  2. When you're on the board in question upper right hand side board->configure-> general.

    The "Edit Filters Share" is under the General option on the left hand side.