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  • HowTo: Add Colours to Classic Mode Epics
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This is an advanced procedure that will require some knowledge of the inner workings of your database. In addition, there is some risk of failure. 


The new Epic support in JIRA Agile is just what the doctor ordered! Now, teams of all sizes can group and manage stories by grouping them into Epics. In fact, if you've been using Epics in Classic mode, they're probably already there.

My existing Epics are now visible on my Scrum Plan board, but they have no Epic Colours

The Epic Colour generator will automagically apply to Epics created through the Create Epic button, but pre-existing Epics and Epics created through the JIRA Create Issue interface will not get a colour. To address this, we need to know the Issue id of the Epic:

SELECT id FROM jiraissue WHERE pkey = <epic issue key>;

Next, we'll want the CustomField ID:

SELECT id FROM customfield WHERE cfname = 'Epic Colours'; 

Finally, we'll need to know the highest Custom Field Value ID. Our new ID will be 1000 greater than this number:

SELECT id FROM customfieldvalue ORDER BY id DESC; 

Then we can insert the following:

INSERT INTO customfieldvalue (id,issue,customfield,stringvalue) VALUES (<new ID>,<customfield id>,'<hex of colour>');

A reindex will be required for your changes to be visible in JIRA Agile.

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