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  • JIRA Agile: How to search for a Sprint using JQL
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How to search for issues in a Sprint using JQL

As of JIRA Agile v. 6.1.3 you can search for a Sprint by name using JQL: Sprint = "MySprintName".

In versions prior to that you must search by Sprint ID number. More details on valid search syntax in JQL can be found here - Advanced Searching

Follow these steps to retrieve the Sprint number that a given issue is in:

  1. Go to an issue that has been assigned to the sprint and highlight over the Active Sprint: <sprint name>
  2. Look at the link that pops up in the lower left hand of the screen (Firefox) and the sprint number is the sprintID at the end of the string.
  3. Then in JQL use: Sprint=<sprintID>

Alternatively, to get the Sprint ID copy and paste the following in to the browser's developer tools console while you're on the Work mode of a Rapid Board:

javascript:alert("Sprint ID is " + jQuery("DD[data-sprint-id]").attr("data-sprint-id"))

(info) Use JavaScript below for earlier releases of JIRA/JIRA Agile:

javascript:alert("Sprint ID is " + jQuery("SPAN[data-sprint-id]").attr("data-sprint-id"))
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  1. On JIRA version 6.2, I had to instead use the following Javascript to get the Sprint ID:

    javascript:alert("Sprint ID is " + jQuery("DD[data-sprint-id]").attr("data-sprint-id"))
  2. Another option to find the Sprint ID: 

    Open an issue in the sprint,

    on the bottom right, hover your mouse over the name of the sprint

    If you see a URL containing something like "sprintID=95", you can go to Issues and search for "sprint = 95"

  3. Clicking on the . . . button for the respective sprint in the Sprint Backlog also shows the SprintID in the link popup.