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By default, JIRA doesn't support nested version while JIRA Agile support it.

As such, JIRA Agile store the version relation information in XML format in propertytext table. To find them:


  1.  Identify project ID using query below:

    select * from project;
  2. Identify all your project version ID using query below (e.g. project ID = 10000) :

    select * from projectversion where project=10000;
  3. From the result, you will find all version ID and Release date of these version if they have any.
  4. Then Run query below to retrieve JIRA Agile data for the project:

    select propertyvalue from propertyentry e join  propertytext t on e.id=t.id where entity_id =10000;
  5. From the result, look for VERSION_MATCHUP like example below:

  6. From example above, version 10300 is the parent version of version 10301.