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  • Optimising Performance
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Here is a list that may help you to improve your JIRA Agile performance:

  • First, make sure your gzip compression from the JIRA -> 'Administration' -> 'Global Settings' -> 'General configuration' is set to 'on'. NOTE : If your JIRA is integrated with Apache, then setting gzip compression to 'on' can cause performance issues on your instance.
  • JIRA Agile will play with more then one issue at the same time. Your JVM will then require more memory than for JIRA alone. We strongly recommend to have at least 512MB of RAM allocated to your JVM. See Increasing JIRA Memory for guidance on changing JIRA Memory configurations.
  • Since JIRA Agile is displaying and building the statistics for all unreleased versions, make sure to release your versions once they are done.
  • You can configure your server to add an Expires or a Cache-Control Header.
  • If using Firefox please read Performance Issues when using GreenHopper with Firebug.

  • Verify the database collation. If the database collation is not set correctly as per our documentation, then it can also result in slow performance. 

Some users have reported that the performance of JIRA Agile can be very poor on a VMWare. They have increased their performance significantly by installing JIRA and JIRA Agile on a standalone server.

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