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  • Several actions such as issue ranking, move, export are failing
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The following appears in the atlassian-greenhopper.log:

Details: ------- org.apache.velocity.exception.MethodInvocationException: Invocation of method 'getHtml' in class com.atlassian.jira.issue.fields.layout.column.ExcelColumnLayoutItem threw exception com.atlassian.greenhopper.manager.lexorank.LexoRankIntegrityException: Expected exactly 2 rows; the maximum marker row and the lowest ranked row for rank field[id=10700] at templates/jira/issue/table/macros.vm[line 115, column 34] at org.apache.velocity.runtime.parser.node.ASTMethod.handleInvocationException( at 


Looking into the database, the AO_60DB71_LEXORANK is empty (has no rows in it)


It seems that the ranking has not been migrated to the Lexorank format.

This could be because the JIRA Agile plugin was downgraded in the past and the ranking never got migrated after that.


  • Get the rank field id from the above error message. In this case, it is 10700.
  • Stop JIRA
  • Run the following query in the database replacing the <Rank id> with the rank field id in your case

    insert into AO_60DB71_LEXORANK values
    (<Rank id>,7,-9223372036854775808,NULL,NULL,'0|000000:',0);
    insert into AO_60DB71_LEXORANK values
    (<Rank id>,1,9223372036854775807,NULL,NULL,'0|zzzzzz:',2);
  • Start JIRA
  • Reindex JIRA

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