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Page: Can't see the JIRA Agile Ranking Field after upgrading to JIRA 4.0 Page: Cannot reindex jira due to Expected exactly 2 rows the maximum marker row and the lowest ranked row for rank field Page: Changes in Ranking introduced in JIRA Agile 5.8 Page: Changing Issue Rank in JIRA Agile 5.8 Page: Classic - cannot configure Rank field for project Page: com.pyxis.greenhopper.jira.fields.Assignee cannot be cast to com.pyxis.greenhopper.jira.fields.RankingField Page: Configuring Permissions for Ranking and Scheduling in JIRA Agile Page: Could not Prioritize Backlog due to Global Rank being set for Specific Project(s) Only Page: Current Query does not currently allow ranking Add Rank Page: Exception of Invocation of Method 'realPosition' in Class when Editing Ranking Field Page: How to find issues from non-started sprints Page: How to Preserve the Previous Ranking After the Upgrade to 4.3.x? Page: Indexing Failed with RuntimeException Expected exactly one rank Page: JIRA Agile Operations fail due to Sanity check for setting nextId of issue Page: JIRA Agile Ranking Field Type Cannot Load Due to Project View Add-on Page: JIRA Agile throws Ranking is disabled, as the Filter Query for this board is not ordered by ascending Rank when attempting to rank issues Page: Reboot causes all ranking in JIRA Agile to be lost Page: Receiving 'Issue is not rankable' Unexpectedly Page: Sorting by Rank does not show expected values Page: Sub-tasks Not Ranked Correctly Page: Unable to rank and/or balancer fails to complete due to incorrect database collation Page: Unable to rank issues due to permission issue