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  • Unable to Search using Epic Link and Sprint on Advance Searching
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The following appears in the custom field page:

And you are unable to use the advance searching for EpicLink, Sprint to search for JIRA Agile issues.


This is reported to be caused by this bug ticket GHS-9193 - Getting issue details... STATUS for fresh installation of JIRA Agile on JIRA 6.0.2 and above.


Method 1

  1.  Unlock the JIRA Agile customfield to enable editing, see How to unlock a Locked field
  2. Rename the GH customfields, issue types, issue type schemes, workflow name and workflow scheme name/description from the UI
  3. Perform an Indexing

Method 2

If and only if you have no valuable data on your instance.

  1. Shut down JIRA
  2. Remove the JIRA Agile jar file from <JIRA home>/plugins/installed-plugins/
  3. Drop the database and recreate a new empty database
  4. Start JIRA
  5. Create a fresh backup after Starting JIRA
  6. Reinstall JIRA Agile
  7. Perform a restore on the backup created prior to the JIRA Agile installation
  8. Verify problem resolved

Method 3

To search for Epic using the custom field name instead ""

To search for Sprint using the custom field name instead ""

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