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This page provides links to all the Confluence documentation. We supply documentation for the latest version and previous versions of Confluence, in both online and offline (downloadable) form.

Downloadable documentation

No XML space exports from Confluence 5.5

From Confluence 5.5 we will not provide XML exports of the complete Confluence documentation.

The documentation has grown very large and contains content drawn from a number of other spaces for features that are shared between products (for example user management, application links, the universal plugin manager and more). This has made for a poor experience for users accessing the documentation locally (from an export that has been imported into their Confluence instance).  

We will continue to provide PDF exports of the documentation for all major versions of Confluence. 

If you have concerns about this please feel free to comment on this ticket  CONF-31920 Open


Recent versions

 Confluence 5.2...

If you have problems importing the XML export above, please use the following export. Space key: CONF052. This export contains no page history and excludes some content, such as older release notes to decrease its size.

Older versions


  1. Anonymous

    One wee observation regarding the full documentation exports available. Is there any chance that they could be exported from the version that they relate to e.g. 2.5 user docs are exported from a 2.5 version of Confluence. I'm trying to import these docs into my own local version of 2.5.4 and getting a message that they have to have been exported from the same major version. Not very handy! I assume they've been exported from v2.6 as that's the latest, but why would I want to put 2.5 user docs into a 2.6 version? (smile)


    1. Hallo there

      Good point! We usually do try to make sure that we export the files from the same version of Confluence. In recent times, there's been a bit of a hiccup because we re-organised the documentation spaces (combining User Guide and Admin Guide into a single space, etc).

      From now onwards, we'll export the new documents for each Confluence version as soon as the release is available. This will ensure that the XML file will be compatible with the version it is documenting.

      Cheers – Sarah

      1. Anonymous

        Yes, it would be very beneficial to have the user guides exported to the appropriate version of Confluence.  It appears that most of the XML file exports only work in Confluence 2.6.  There are still plenty of us folks who need the guides for 2.5x environments.  Thanks!

      2. Sarah, curious why you merged User Guide and Admin Guide into a single space. Reason I ask is we are struggling to work out if we need one huge space for internal company documents or whether we should create lots of smaller spaces. Martin (Axe Group)

        1. Hallo Martin

          It was before my time (smile) but I think both decisions are valid.

          There are pros and cons to having the guides in a single space as opposed to separate spaces. I'd definitely try to use the spaces for some sort of logical division — we have chosen to have the docs for each product (Confluence, Crowd, Bamboo, etc) in separate spaces, and also to have the different product releases (Confluence 2.5, 2.6, 2.7 etc) in separate spaces.

          I think the main reason we decided to merge user guide, admin guide, etc into one space is that there's quite a lot of overlap between them. E.g. is a 'space administrator' a user or an administrator, and should their instructions go in the admin guide or the user guide? Where would our readers look for the information? Also, cross-references from the one space to the other will result in external links in the PDF, HTML and XML versions of the docs, which is annoying for customers who cannot get beyond their firewalls.


      3. Sarah

        I'm not sure that this helps me. I have just downloaded the 2.5 XML only to find it's in 2.8 format and therefore I can't load it into my v2.5.3 space. Can you make an v2.5 XML version of the the documentation available?  Thanks, Steve

        1. Hallo Steve

          Please would you raise a support request for this one? Please let them know which of the 2.5 XML downloads you need and your version of Confluence (2.5.3, as you said). Some of the 2.5 XML downloads on this page may be from Confluence 2.5, whereas others will be from Confluence 2.6.

          I do apologise for this inconvenience. It's only recently that we started tracking the version of Confluence from which the XML exports were made.

          Cheers — Sarah

  2. The PDF file for the Confluence 2.3 User Guide gives an error 109 when opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader on Windows. Thank you to the people who have pointed this out (smile)

    (File on this page: CONF20-20070221-18_24_45.pdf, labelled 'Confluence 2.3 User Guide (PDF - Mac & Linux compatible) generated 22-Feb-07'.)

    Unfortunately, we can't reproduce the PDF file for the Confluence 2.3 documentation. The issue with the file is a known issue with PDF at the time when that particular document was created.

    As a workaround, you can read the file using Foxit Reader.

  3. Many of the links in the Confluence 2.7 Admin Guide (PDF) CONF27X-20080101.pdf appear to be relative to the wiki, which Adobe Reader doesn't get right even when run within Firefox, let alone in standalone mode from the local drive.

    These are the ones under RELATED TOPICS, for example on page 81.

  4. Our division has started using Confluence as a central collaboration tool, but there are several problems with the Confluence product that are blocking user uptake (in addition to the standard problems with changes to the information management practices). The main problem is the lack of user-centred documentation. I have requested help on this issue via email before, but had no success.

    In my research on other collaboration products, I was impressed by the simple and clear user manual offered with the MindTouch product: . Does a similar thing exist for Confluence?

    The important themes here are small, simple, and explaining everday user needs ie: How do I attach a file?, Can I protect my page from other people viewing it?, How do I make a new page?, Can I put a picture in my page?, etc.

    Note that there should be nothing about install procedures, related products, tricky options, non-installed plugins, the API, backups, user administration, expert macro functions, archiving, or other things average users do not do. This is a small task (compared with your complex and extensive technical documents), yet has the most impact on user acceptance and support cost reduction.

    If this simple user manual was available for Confluence, this would radically help user acceptance of Confluence in our organisation. Do you know of such a guide or tutorials?

    Thanks for any guidance you can give on this.

  5. Anonymous

    Sorry for not being regestered yet, but still let me ask. Is it possible to get the Complete Guide for old 2.2 version, because it is very uncomfortable to use online guide? Thank you in advance.

    1. Hallo there
      The only guide we have for Confluence 2.2 is this one: XML download for versions prior to 2.3. It's an XML zip file that you can use to build your own Confluence documentation. If possible, we do recommend upgrading to a more recent version of Confluence. It's improved a lot in the years since version 2.2. (smile)

  6. Anonymous

    Do you have documentation that compare / contrast versions and explicitely show new features from one version to another? I would be interested in particular by a comparison between version 3.4 and version 3.5.7. My team will be trained on 3.4 (because there is no other possibility), but we will implement 3.5.7 soon. Thus we would need to know what changes have occured in between both versions (main changes only, not technical ones).

    Many thanks for any advice you might have.

    1. Hallo there

      This page gives a summary of the updates in each major release:

      You can click the links on that page, to see the release notes with pretty pictures and more details. (smile)

      A major release is one with 2 digits in the number, such as 3.4, 3.5. In general, the minor releases (3.5.1, 3.5.2 and so on) contain bug fixes only, and so they should not affect general usage.


  7. When are you going to provide the 4.0 Confluence Release Documentation for download?



    1. Hi Christopher,

      Sorry about the delay. The downloadable documentation is available now. Please let us know if there are other things we can help with,



      1. Thanks Paul,

          I just tried to restore the docs (XML) into our instance and it failed with:


        java.sql.SQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException: ORA-00001: unique constraint (CONFLUENCE.CP_UNIQUE_GROUP) violated


        I assume that restoring the XML zip in the Admin console is the correct method of importing the docs?


        If so, I assume I should open a ticket?



        1. Hi there Christopher,

          To compare against the process you took to restore, documentation on restoring an XML space is here: Restoring a Space

          There are also some troubleshooting steps you could look at here: Troubleshooting XML backups that fail on restore

          We will also test the content of the export, to rule out any problem with the data.

          If these don't solve your issue, please raise a support ticket so that our support engineers can assist you. 

          I hope this helps.

          Best Regards,

          Edwin Dawson
          Technical Writing Team Leader

  8. The XML .ZIP file for Confluence 3.5 appears to be corrupt. Could you please re-post it?  Thank you.

    1. Getting "The zip file did not contain an entry ''" when attempting to import the 3.5 doc export from above.

  9. Anonymous

    User Guide 4.2 PDF links to a damaged file. 

  10. Anonymous

    Ironically, the 4.2 Documentation suffers from the same formatting issue that we have been experiencing since upgrading.  I guess Atlassian trusts their "export to PDF" function so much, they do not double check the results.


  11. Anonymous

    Hi, can normal user (not admin) set older view of confluence? Or change some setting about newest one? I found only Space tools->look and feel but  but this settings not satisfy my requirements.

     For example I want to see tree structure of sub-pages or child's of some page expanded permanently. 

    Some main page

    • sub page1
    • sub page2
    • sub page N

    Please help me with it. If there is necessary to log in as admin for some changes, it is ok too. Just say how to do it. Thanks a lot, I really love to use Confluence.

  12. When will the 5.X Documentation be available as XML download?

    1. Hallo Dominic

      Thanks for the question! I apologise for the delay. We're having some technical difficulties, but are working to get the downloads available as soon as possible.

      Cheers, Sarah

    2. Hi Dominic, 

      Apologies for the delay - the XML download is now available. 


  13. Is there a timeframe on when 5.0.x downloadable guides will become available?

    1. Hallo Bryan and Dominic

      We're just testing the XML export now. If it's good, we should have the XML and HTML exports available later today.

      Unfortunately, we're still having problems with the PDF export. We've narrowed the problem down to a memory leak in Confluence. In a way, that's good news – when it's fixed, it will be fixed for customers too. But we need to wait until the fix is available before we can get a successful PDF export.

      So sorry for the delays.

      Cheers, Sarah

      1. We hope to make the 5.1 export available with Confluence 5.1.

        So no XML Exports for the 5.0.X versions, right?

      2. Thx,

        works now with 5.1


  14. Anonymous

    Great but can you add epub and/or mobi format for the guys with an e-book reader?

  15. Nice but it would be even better if you would have fitting e-book reader formats (like epub and/or mobi) to be able to read the manual on an eink e-book reader.

  16. Anonymous

    Hi, don't there exist any german documentations? I already startet to make our own, but what I see in here is that large! It would be such a pleasure to get it in german.

    Looking forward to an answer or a tip, whether I can find some german documentations elsewhere.

    1. Hi Anonymous,  unfortunately we do not have translated versions of our documentation. You might want to look at this comment posted by a user who has found some German documentation, it may have some useful information. 

  17. Anonymous

    Thanks! But that's what I already found..

    Best regards.

  18. The download link from the xml and html version (5.2) is reversed.

    1. Oops!  thanks for letting me know Repi. I have corrected the links. 

  19. Anonymous

    The Confluence 5.2 Complete Documentation XML file does not appear to actually be complete. After loading it, there are broken links to the user management documentation. The latest versions of the user management documentation won't load in 5.2.

    1. Hi anonymous, thanks for letting us know. Much of the user management documentation comes from another space on this site (space key USERMAN) and therefore is not available in the XML export.  Are you able to give me an example of a page where you are not able to see content, or see broken links so I can check that this is indeed what is happening ?   Many thanks. Rachel

      1. Anonymous

        Try Confluence Administrator's Guide->Managing Confluence Users.

      2. Anonymous

        Yes, I understand that the links are to other spaces such as USERMAN. The issue is that the most recent available xml exports for these spaces will not load in confluence 5.2. My hope was that these sections had been included in the Confluence 5.2 Complete Documentation XML file (why else label it as complete...)

  20. "The Confluence 5.2 Complete Documentation XML file does not appear to actually be complete"

    I have a similar problem.
    After loading the xml files of 16%, the process depends on.
    The space is then available only with destroyed links.
    Use Confluence 5.2.5

    1. Hi Repi and Anonymous, I'm working on this issue and hope to have a new export for you soon, as well as the 5.3 export. 

      UPDATE: I have uploaded a new export of the Confluence 5.2 docs. Please note that this has a spacekey CONF052 (not DOC), and is slightly smaller as there is no page and attachment history. 

      If you still experience problems importing the file, please contact support who will be able to help you troubleshoot the problem.

      1. Anonymous

        Sorry for taking so long to reply... government shutdown was no fun. Any chance that USERMAN will be updated to import correctly into Confluence 5.2? It is referenced in the JIRA docs as well.

        1. I'm sorry it is not currently possible to make content from another site included in the XML export.  What I can do however is make that export available - if both the Confluence documentation space and the User Management documentation space are imported into your instance it should display correctly.  You can download the export of the USERMAN space here

          I'd also like to better understand your use case for these exports. Do you provide offline documentation because your users are not able to access the internet when using Confluence?