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This page provides links to all the Crowd documentation. We supply documentation for the latest version and previous versions of Crowd, in both online and offline (downloadable) form.

Online Documentation

Crowd 2.7 Documentation
Crowd 2.6 Documentation

Crowd 2.5 Documentation

Crowd 2.4 Documentation

Crowd 2.3 Documentation

Crowd 2.2 Documentation
Crowd 2.1 Documentation
Crowd 2.0 Documentation
Crowd 1.6 Documentation
Crowd 1.5 Documentation
Crowd 1.4 Documentation
Crowd 1.3 Documentation
Crowd 1.2 Documentation
Crowd 1.1 Documentation
Crowd 1.0 Documentation

Latest Versions of Downloadable Documentation

Creating your Own Local Version of our Documentation

We provide XML zip files of the documentation space, for you to download and use to create your own local version of our documentation on your Confluence site. Each XML zip file contains a Confluence-specific XML format plus attachments (screenshots etc), which you can upload to your Confluence site. Please take a look at the instructions for uploading an XML file.

Note: When you create your new space from our XML source code, the space will inherit the Confluence 'Documentation' theme and the customisations we have made to the header, footer and left-hand navigation bar. You will need to adjust or remove these customisations. Please refer to the Confluence documentation or JIRA documentation for details.

All Versions of Downloadable Documentation

Recent Versions

 Crowd 2.4

Crowd 2.4 PDF

Crowd 2.4 HTML

Crowd 2.4 XML(XML exported from Confluence 4.1.6)

Older Versions

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  1. Hi, it seems this page has not yet been updated with Crowd 2.7. The Crowd 2.6 Documentation link does refer to the latest version however, which is 2.7.

    1. Yepp, Is nobody interested in fixing this?

      Correct link is:

      Crowd Documentation

      1. Thanks for calling that out! Those links are fixed now.