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 This page provides links to all the JIRA documentation. We supply documentation for the latest version and previous versions of JIRA, in both online and offline (downloadable) form.

From JIRA 7.0 we plan to stop providing XML exports of the complete JIRA documentation. Please see JRA-39654 - Feedback on plans to stop providing XML exports of the JIRA documentation Open for more information and to give feedback about this plan.

Online Documentation

(info) Documentation for JIRA 3.x and earlier does not have any styling applied, but all of the raw content is available. We are working on a fix for this.


JIRA 6.4 Documentation (latest production version)
JIRA 6.3 Documentation
JIRA 6.2 Documentation
JIRA 6.1 Documentation

JIRA 6.0 Documentation JIRA 5.2 Documentation
JIRA 5.1 Documentation
JIRA 5.0 Documentation
JIRA 4.4 Documentation
JIRA 4.3 Documentation
JIRA 4.2 Documentation
JIRA 4.1 Documentation
JIRA 4.0 Documentation
JIRA 3.13 Documentation
JIRA 3.12 Documentation
JIRA 3.11 Documentation
JIRA 3.10 Documentation
JIRA 3.9 Documentation
JIRA 3.8 Documentation
JIRA 3.7 Documentation
JIRA 3.6 Documentation
JIRA 3.5 Documentation
JIRA 3.4.1 Documentation
JIRA 3.3 Documentation
JIRA 3.2 Documentation
JIRA 3.1 Documentation
JIRA 2.6 Documentation
JIRA 2.5.1 Documentation
JIRA 2.4.1 Documentation
JIRA 2.3 Documentation
JIRA 2.2 Documentation
JIRA 2.1 Documentation

Latest Versions of Downloadable Documentation

We supply documentation for the latest version and previous versions of the documentation in PDF and XML forms. Here are the latest versions:  

Creating your Own Local Version of our Documentation

We provide XML zip files of the documentation space, for you to download and use to create your own local version of our documentation on your Confluence site. Each XML zip file contains a Confluence-specific XML format plus attachments (screenshots etc), which you can upload to your Confluence site. Please take a look at the instructions for uploading an XML file.

Note: When you create your new space from our XML source code, the space will inherit the Confluence 'Documentation' theme and the customisations we have made to the header, footer and left-hand navigation bar. You will need to adjust or remove these customisations. Please refer to the Confluence documentation or JIRA documentation for details.

Online help links and local documentation

To make JIRA's help links point to your own local copy of the documentation, please see the page about local JIRA documentation.

All Versions of Downloadable Documentation

Downloading the documentation for JIRA 3.13.x or earlier

For JIRA 3.13.x or earlier, please view the online documentation for your desired JIRA version (e.g. JIRA 3.13 documentation) — the PDF downloads will be available via the left-hand menu, under 'Printable manuals', and the XML downloads under 'Local docs (XML source)'.

Recent Versions

 JIRA 6.3
 JIRA 6.1
 JIRA 6.0
 JIRA 5.2
 JIRA 5.1
 JIRA 5.0

Older Versions

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  1. The page number in the table of contents in the JIRA pdf files is limited to 3 digits which means that the least significant digit is not shown for pages greater than 999

  2. The imported JIRA 4.1 space (from 20100409 XML) includes from the ALLDOC space; is there a common subset of ALLDOC that we should be able to get?

    Same behavior for the Confluence 3.2 space.


    1. Hi JD,

      You will need to copy the pages from the Inclusions Library to your own Confluence site.

      I've updated the instructions to mention this important piece of information! Sorry that it was previously omitted.


      1. You will need to copy the pages from the Inclusions Library to your own Confluence site.


        How – are they downloadable as XML?

        1. Hallo jd

          I'm really sorry about the confusion. We've done a bit more investigation, and we're unsure whether people really do need to include the ALLDOC "inclusions library". For example, I can't find an instance in the Confluence 3.2 space where we include any pages from the ALLDOC space.

          Please would you give an example of such an inclusion?

          To answer your last question: No, at the moment the ALLDOC pages aren't downloadable as XML. I'll make an XML download available if necessary. But I'm hoping it isn't necessary and that we can fix the problem some other way. Maybe if there are just one or two inclusions in the Confluence or JIRA space, we can remove the inclusions to make life easier all round.


          1. Thanks for the follow-up, Sarah.

            1. I guess mostly just the documentation theme is configured with headers/footers plus left column links to ALLDOC. There are only a couple instances within the JIRA 4.1 space itself as well, associated with downloadable docsets.
            2. There remain a number of links to other spaces – primarily in reference pages – but I guess that's the nature capturing just a slice of a larger wiki. E.g., GADGETS, DEVNET, etc.

            For our closed network deployment the workaround for the former is to strip the references from the documentation theme config, and for the latter globally note 'some links are (temporarily) broken'.

            This seems a pretty good (and searchable!) for user documentation with JIRA, though not quite as seamless as the JIRA localdocs using forrest.


            1. Hallo jd

              Awesome, I've learned something! We didn't realise that the Documentation theme configuration was included in the XML export. (smile)

              I think your solution is probably the best one, i.e. to customise the header, footer and left-hand nav to suit your environment, or simply to remove all content from the header, footer and left-hand nav bar and to reselect the "page tree" checkbox. See the guide to the Documentation theme. The reason is that those included pages are full of links, that would be broken anyway in your own local Confluence site. Here's an example of one of the included pages: _Latest Versions of JIRA Documentation.

              There's one additional 'include' in the JIRA docs, that includes pages from the ALLDOC space. It's the one in the JIRA dev hub page, that lists all the developer resources. We could replace that with a hard-coded list, but actually the plan is to remove the dev hub from the JIRA space and put it into a separate JIRADEV space, much as we have done for Confluence. That will fix the problem, although in a different way. (wink)

              Broken links are a pity. There's not much we can do about that. If we included all the possible docs in the download, it would be totally humungous. The Forrest JIRA docs were great, in that they were an integral whole. But we're hoping that the more open, expandable and interactive environment of the wiki gives our readers many more advantages than disadvantages.

              I've raised a request, asking that the JIRA guide to getting your own local docs should include all the information resulting from your feedback here. See JRA-21477.

              Many thanks again! Sarah

            2. Alternatively, perhaps the Documentation theme header, footer and left-hand nav bar customisations should not be included in space XML export? Please discuss on this issue:

  3. Gente, buenas tardes, algun link con documentacion en español??? gracias


    Please see Translating JIRA and JIRA Documentation in Other Languages

  4. Anonymous


    How to export the Logged work per task in a certain period on daily basis to excel ??

    Any suggestions ..??




  5. The JIRA 6.0 Documentation link at the top of this page takes me to the current documentation: (JIRA 6.1):

    Should it instead link here (JIRA 6.0)?

    1. Hi Michelle,

      You are absolutely correct! Thanks for pointing this out. I've updated the page.

      Kind Regards,

  6. Anonymous

    Some of the links in the first list (for old versions, e.g. 3.x) are broken...

    1. Anonymous

  7. I'll take a look. Thanks for letting us know.

  8. So, here's an update on the 3.x and older documentation:

    This is an internal support fix, so I will raise an issue with them. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  9. The links for the old versions are still broken...

    1. We have filed a ticket with our IT department on this. I am just catching up on emails after being out for a few weeks, but I will copy a couple of folks here that should know what's going on with getting this resovled. My apologies that this is taking so long to fix.

      cc: Andrew Lui [Atlassian Technical Writer] Ashley Bartlett [Atlassian]

      1. Uni

        Can you provide links to other / temporary location of JIRA 3.x documentation?

  10. Hi,

    It´s not possible to view older documentations, like 3.12, I always get an error which says the site does not exist or I do not have the rights to view her, whats going on there?

    1. Hi Karl,

      As mentioned in the comments above, we are working with our IT department to restore the documentation for JIRA 3.x and earlier. We hope to have the docs available again soon. Apologies for the inconvenience.

      Kind Regards,

      1. Anonymous

        Desperately waiting for access to 3.4.x documentation. Please hurry.

  11. Hi all,

    The documentation for JIRA 3.x and earlier is available again. Unfortunately, the styling of the documentation has been lost, but all of the content is there. We're still working on restoring the original documentation.

    Apologies for the delay.

    Kind Regards,

    1. Thank you very much.

  12. Anonymous

    I just became a JIRA system administrator. We are currently using version 5.2.8.

    Is there a PDF administrator guide available? I know of this:

    JIRA Administrator's Guide

    But it would be great if I could read that manual offline.

    In the downloads section (downloads) there's only a 1245 page PDF...but I'd like it a little more compact (smile)


    1. Hi,

      Unfortunately, we can't provide a smaller PDF for the admin guide. I encourage you to use the online version of our docs if possible.

      Kind regards,

  13. Hi,

      Is the JIRA 6.2 XML zip file corrupt?  I tried downloading it but when I try to upload it into Confluence I get errors.  I also tried unzipping the file but it tells me it's empty.




    1. Hi Alex, 

      Can you try again? The file should work now, I just checked it.

      Kind regards,

  14. Can you get download documentation for JIRA 6.3 added please?

  15. Is it possible to share this doc in any ebook format? Alternatively any instruction how to make that 'mobile' format.

  16. Could anyone advise whether JIRA (Oracle) 5.1.3 will be impacted on the Leap Second (coming on 30 Jun2015) or not?

    1. Jarinee Uetrongchit

      We no longer support JIRA 5.1.3, but in saying that, we can't predict what may happen to a JIRA instance when the leap second occurs as we can't predict exactly how people have set it up. Potential problems aren't down to JIRA explicitly, but more down to the set up it's running on. We know that last time round (June 2012) there were some issues, particularly around users on Linux/Unix systems. IF there is a problem, usually a restart solves its. You can read more on this Knowledge Base article.



  17. When will downloadable JIRA Portfolio documentation be available? Or is it already available? I am able to only locate click-through HTML Portfolio documentation. 

    1. Hello Valerie,

      We don't normally provide pdf versions of JIRA Portfolio documentation because it's updated so frequently. However, if you require a specific version, we can create one and send it to you.



      1. Maria, I would be grateful to get my hands on the most recent Cloud version in a PDF. Thank you, Valerie