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Atlassian OnDemand licensing is user-based. This means that the pricing for your site is determined by the number of users that you want to have access to it. The only exception is Bamboo OnDemand, for which the calculation is based on the number of agents.

Refer to the following pages to see how the price is calculated:

How do I calculate the user count for my account?

The user count is calculated based on your application access settings, i.e. the number of users you grant access to a particular application.

You can view the user count in the Application Access administration console. For detailed instructions, see viewing your Account Information.

How do I reduce the user count of my account?

If you have reached the user limit for an application, you have the following options:

  • Revoke application access from some users —  you can remove access from users that do not need to work with the application. To make this change, read the instructions on Managing application access.
  • Upgrade your account — if you do not want to remove access from users, you may wish to consider upgrading your account to add more users. To make this change, read the instructions on upgrading your account.

Please note that the 'sysadmin' administrative account does not count towards your license total.


  1. Do users that are not in any groups count towards the OnDemand user count for licensing?

    1. Any user with Application Access uses a license seat.