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  1. Which version of Confluence is this? I am using 3.3.1 and I don't see "the Wiki tab".

    Currently, default new personal space has Anonymous View unchecked, I want to change so anonymous can view personal space by default. Can this be done in 3.3.1?

    1. Hi Royce,

      This page is about setting permissions for Confluence in Atlassian OnDemand, and the version is 4.0.

      Are you trying to set all new personal spaces as anonymously accessible? I am not very sure about version 3.3.1, but I don't think that's possible for 4.0. Personal space permissions are configured on a per-space basis.This might be the same for your version too.

      Here's the Confluence 3.3.1 documentation: Setting up your Personal Space.



      1. Thanks Lingbo. Yes, I am trying to set all new personal spaces as anonymously accessible by default. I hope Confluence can implement permission scheme the same way JIRA does, so I can have multiple default permissions schemes.

        1. Yes, it is end of 2012 and this features still doesn't seem to be available.  I have to follow all new space creations up with either adding this permission and requesting the new space creator to do it.  Would love to know if anyone else has a workaround for this.

          1. Hi Lester,

            Maybe open a feature request in the Confluence project ( – Regards, Lingbo

            1. Thanks, I did as seen at (prolly not public) and, but "no joy".  As I said on the Atlassian Answers, I get why it works the way it was, but this feature would be GREAT for those of us running this on-premise and only utilizing with our internal networks.