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 documentation contains information about using and administering all the 
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 applications, including JIRA, Confluence, and Bamboo.


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  1. Hi,

    When I try to change my homepage (dashboard) on Confluence On demand, I received this following error message

    The following error(s) occurred:

    • The FBPCB Designs Inc. space must be accessible to the confluence-users group (or anonymous view permissions must be granted) in order to be set as the Site Homepage.



    How can I give access to the confluence-user to  my homepage title ''FBPCB Designs Inc''


    1. Hi Marc,

      This page covers how to set up space permissions: Assigning Space Permissions. You might also check the specific page permissions as covered here: Page Restrictions.

       Hope this helps!

      -Regards, Christine

  2. hi

    Do you guys automatically assign numbers to every tasks in the system?




    1. Hi Sabina,

      Are you referring to JIRA ticket numbers?  JIRA will automatically create a ticket number using the project key and an automatically generated number in sequence, so our support tickets are referenced in the format XXX-#####.



  3. The page above talks about OnDemand documentation but, unlike the other sections of the page, it does not provide a link to said documentation.

    1. Thanks, Kevin - you can always get to the online docs at Atlassian OnDemand Documentation Home

  4. Okay, now I see the navigation to the left. Maybe the page could be updated to read something like, "Use the navigation to left to locate the documentation for the Atlassian product you are using."

  5. Hi - sorry if this is the wrong place, but I have a very basic question. I've been tasked with setting up our JIRA structure, and I'm pretty familiar with JIRA from an end user (not admin) perspective. We have a google apps account, and my boss set up our JIRA 'on demand' instance to be tied into google apps, making him an administrator. Unfortunately, he doesn't know how to add me as an administrator, and I'm in another country so cannot go into his admin interface to investigate. Could you provide a brief step-by-step guide for an admin to change a user's role to admin in JIRA if on demand instance uses Google Apps?

    1. Hi Nicole,

      Questions of this nature are best asked on

      To make a user an admin, they usually just need to be added to the 'administrators' group. For step-by-step instructions on editing group membership, see Managing groups.

    2. Hi Nicole,

      You assign admin permissions the same way, regardless of whether you use Google apps for your user management. So to make a user an admin, you simply need to add them to an administration group. This page should help you get going. Hope this addresses your question!

      Regards, Christine

  6. I´m following the instructions on Deleting or Deactivating Users for deleting or deactivating users, but the option of deactivating does not appear, and whwn I´m going to delete a user the system shows that they still have proyects, Allthought the isuues are closed! so I will have to reopen issues that are closed and assigned them to someone else, doen´t make sense




  7. We have recently moved to Atlassian OnDemand, before which we had an installed version of confluence. We would like to know, if we can have custom url for OnDemand ( a url which we already had), rather than the Hostname:

    1. No, that's not possible with OnDemand.  You can see the full list of restricted functions at Restricted Functions in Atlassian OnDemand



  8. Anonymous

    When I using the Reset passoword, I got the link to login in, but when I try to change the password, i have to enter current password which I forgot, how to proceed? If I remember current password, I will not have come to do the reset passowrd. I am in a dead loop and can not set my new passoword.


    Please help and improve your Reset password feature.

    1. When you reset your password, it will send you an email with a link that looks like this:


      Clicking this link will take you to a page prompting you to enter a new password, and then ask you to repeat the new password for confirmation. You don't need to enter your old password at any stage of this process.

      It's possible you are being prompted to log in because the link from the email has not been followed properly. Ensure that the URL you have been taken to looks like the one above. You may need to copy & paste the URL instead of clicking on it if your email client is not behaving in a standard way.

  9. Hi ,


       As an Admin user, I'm presently able to change the full name and email IDs of the members of my team , but not change their usernames. Is there a way to be able to do that?


    Many thanks,


    1. Hi there

    forgive me for asking 3 stupid questions:


    a. I can't change user permissions in my confluence demo - I seem to think I know what I'm doing by removing user security settings for users being "unable" to make changes, still my "test" users can delete content from spaces etc. What am I doing wrong

    b. Why can't I see any option for "markup" language when editing pages.  I'm trying to make my pages (spaces) look like the demo video in the "make a kick ass confluence page in 10 mins" but can't see the "markup" view that shows code - also the section "selection" doesn't show the same full list of sections with headers etc, that is seen in the demo vide

    c. the colour selection option for making changes to colour text doesn't have any labels - meaning that colourblind people (making up 10% of the male population) can't identify (by title) the actual colour they are using for selections (other than relying on their own eyes,which as already said are not capable of identifying what they have just selected.. Make sense? Any chance there's a way to display the colour names (eg " red" , "green", grey "25%" etc) ?

    sorry if I'm not explaining myself very well, or actually sounding at all like I know what I'm actually doing..




  10. Hi Scott, 

    Space permissions can be quite tricky.  Users who had 'Add' permissions can also edit pages. This can be a little confusing at first. The Delete permission refers to being able to delete whole pages, not remove content from a page. 

    The video you refer to is from a much older version of Confluence, which had wikimarkup. Confluence does not offer a wikimarkup editor since Confluence 4.3.  You might want to check out some of the great videos that have been included in recent Confluence blogs. See

    Thanks also for your feedback about the colour selectors - there is an issue in our issue tracking system here about this issue more generally. Please feel free to comment on the issue about your specific problem  CONF-19922 - Support color blind users in Confluence Open

  11. Anonymous


    does anybody know how to configure the left hand sidebar/area in confluence? I have been setting up an own instance. A friend of mine is using confluence since 6 months. His left sidebar shows automatically things like the area you are working in, blog, subhome pages ... my site only shows the pages I have been set up as well as a search on the top of the sidebar. He did not configure anything but got this set up automatically. I dont. What can I do to get the same view?

    1. It sounds like you are using the Documentation theme, and your friend is using the default theme.  You can find out more about using the documentation theme here - Using the Documentation Theme

      To change the theme go to Browse > Space Admin > Themes in the Documentation theme, or Space Tools > Look and Feel > Themes in the default theme. 

      It may be that your site has the documentation theme configured at the site level, so that all spaces created in your instance have this theme, and not the default theme (which shows blogs, links, etc).

  12. Hi, 

    Please, can you exaplain why I can use only 13 users in my Jira, I paid for 15 users. 



    1. Hi Fedor, you should be able to add up to 15 users and provide application access for them.  If you're having trouble, I would suggest filing a support ticket at so an engineer can investigate further.

  13. Anonymous

    Hi All,


    I'm trying to add a new column to my board in Agile. When I create a new column via board configuration it appears fine but when I go to my sspecific sprint board it is no longer there. Can someone please sugges a solution ?


  14. Anonymous

    i received a mial from JIRA  which  said  my account will be deactivated. how to do for keeping the account activate. thanks

    1. This is most likely due to payment - you can login to to update your payment info, or contact our sales team at sales at atlassian-dot-com to get their help sorting this out.

  15. Anonymous

    I have created issues but for some reason they are not visible on my board i selected. I have no idea why but they are visible under Agile-Classic. Please help

    1. Hi,

      Kind regards,

  16. Anonymous

    Good morning,

    I want to make a preformatted block of code with syntax highlighting in a JIRA ticket - as your example shows on

    When I apply under 'Description' and 'Comment', it does not show as I expect.  Please assist me.

    Thank you,


  17. I'm trying to install a trial version of Zephyr to my trial version of JIRA. The instructions keep saying to go to the Manage Add-Ons section and click Upload Add-On but I don't see anyway to do this. I can only view a list of Add-Ons or Build one. Please advise if maybe I don't have the right level of access or I'm looking in the wrong place. I want to try the Zephyr test management tool to see if it's right for my company's QA department.

    1. Hi David, 

      Is there a 'Find new add-ons' link on your screen? 

  18. Yes there is. When I run a search for "Zephyr" I come back with only the Zephyr Enterprise option, not the Zephyr Test Management option (as the instructions say I should see). The option I have with Zephyr Enterprise is "Manage" which just brings me to the Enterprise add-on.

    1. Hi David, 

      Unfortunately, the Test Management option is not available in OnDemand. (If you'd like to see if an add-on is available in OnDemand, click the OnDemand option in the pricing table on the add-on page and you'll see the info, e.g. and 

  19. Lingbo,

    I must not be understanding something. I am trying to demo the Zephyr for JIRA product to evaluate it for my company's potential purchase. But the instructions I'm finding are unclear of what to do after I obtain a license key and download the OBR file. I have done both and the instructions then mention using the OBR file as an add-on, but I see no option to do this from my Atlassian Dashboard. What step am I missing?

    1. Hi David,

      Are you using JIRA Download (i.e. you installed your own JIRA) or JIRA OnDemand? I assumed you are using JIRA OnDemand as this page is for the OnDemand product. My apologies if that's not the case! JIRA OnDemand does not allow user-installed add-ons. Feel free to open a support ticket over at so that our support team can help you out. – Cheers, Lingbo

    2. Hi David,

      Are you using JIRA Download (i.e. you installed your own JIRA) or JIRA OnDemand? I assumed you are using JIRA OnDemand as this page is for the OnDemand product. My apologies if that's not the case! JIRA OnDemand does not allow user-installed add-ons. Feel free to open a support ticket over at so that our support team can help you out. – Cheers, Lingbo

      1. I was able to figure it out and get Zephyr's Community Edition installed. Thanks for your help

  20. Hi All,

    Just want a quick response on one query.

    How we can set the sequence of custom field on create issue screen eg: i want custom field deployment type to be show on last not in the middle.

    Can any one help.