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  1. Anonymous

    Is there any licensing issue or limit to the number of users who can view and access the content of Confluence if we are using it for Knowlege base purposes?


    Also, I can't seem to find any document where Confluence reports the frequency of access to a certain page or this available?

  2. Hi there,

    If you set your Confluence to be accessible for anonymous users, there is no limit to the users who can view the content. Make sure you enable the anonymous access at both the Confluence global permission and the space permission levels.

    Confluence does not have the reporting functionality that give you the data you are looking for at the moment, and I use Google Analytics for the purpose. If you are interested, check out this blog post: (smile)

  3. Anonymous

    Thank you for your response.  In that case, number of users who can login will depend on purchased license?

  4. Under "Customizing the look and feel", you say: In your space, go to Browse > Space Admin.

    That is not in my Browse-menu. I did find the following: Administrator > Administration.

    Do we look at different versions? I just downloaded the trial version.

    1. Hi Roos,

      My guess is that you don't have the space admin permission on the space you were looking at. This page is for Confluence OnDemand sites, and since you said you just downloaded a version, I guess you are using the Confluence Download version? The user interface should be identical between the two though.  To check if you have the space admin permission on the space, go to the admin console as you did, and find the Space Permissions settings. If you are using OnDemand, go to Administrator Administration > Wiki > Permissions > Space Permissions. If you are using the downloadable version, go to Browse > Confluence Admin > Space Permissions. More info can be found here: Assigning Space Permissions. – Regards, Lingbo


      1. Hi Lingbo,

        I am a technical writer like you are, and I was commenting on the instruction you wrote.

        You say go to Browse > Space Admin, and I don’t see that option in the Browse menu. I’m working with OnDemand Trial, I have space admin permission and I found access to the look and feel options under Administrator > Administration.

        So for me your instruction was not correct.



        1. Hi Roos,

          Thanks for the feedback! That's strange. All Atlassian OnDemand customers use the same version of the applications. This is what I see on my site:


          Would you mind sharing a screen capture of yours? – Regards, Lingbo

          Edit: Ah, I see what you mean by going to the Look and Feel setting on the General tab of the administration console. Those options are for global-level settings. The Look and Feel options at the space level are specific to the space. You can play with both. 


          1. Thanks for the info.

            I'm afraid this problems occurs in more pages in this documentation set. My advice: before you start your instruction, always tell your reader where the starting point is.

            Also, if you don't mind me saying so, an instruction like Administrator > Administration > Wiki > Permissions > Space Permissions can be confusing. Better would be something like:

            Go to Administrator > Administration

            On Wiki Tab go to Permissions > Space Permissions


  5. I signed up for JIRA but want to try Confuence as well do we have two different sites?  I see no way to add Confluence to my JIRA account.

    1. If this is an OnDemand instance, you can just go to your account at, go to licenses, and if you expand your current OnDemand license info, you should see a "Configure" link, which will allow you to add more products/users to this instance.