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Atlassian OnDemand includes JIRA 6.1-OD-6 for issue tracking.

Search the JIRA OnDemand documentation only:

JIRA Administrator's Guide

Extending JIRA

Labs Features in JIRA

Using JIRA Service Desk

Streamlining your development with JIRA OnDemand


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  1. May be the link to "Customizing Email Content" should not be given in this page, since Atlassian OnDemand does not support it at the moment.

    Also, "Creating Issues and Comments from Email" should be directed to the page which explains OnDemand specific instructions as configuring new POP servers are not supported.

    1. I will second Renjith's comments. It is frustrating to waste time trying to follow the documentation, then it later turns out it doesn't even apply to the software for which you've written the manual. I would say this qualifies as a documentation bug.

      Any future plans for the ability to customize e-mail on JIRA o.D.?