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This page contains known issues of Atlassian OnDemand and information about fixes or workarounds that exist for these limitations and issues.

General usage

Users without JIRA access are redirected back to Confluence without any warning

In a multi-application OnDemand site, users who do not have the application access to JIRA are redirected back to the Confluence dashboard after selecting the JIRA link in the application navigator. There is no error message displayed for them. 

(info) Workaround: N/A

Crucible hangs when too many files are included in a review

If too many files are included in one Crucible review then FishEye and Crucible will run out of memory and hang regularly. The maximum number of files that should be included in one review is 500.

JIRA workflow designer changes

You cannot:

  • Create common transitions
  • Clone transitions
  • Have global transitions with no result status
  • Reassign the target of a transition (meaning that you cannot grab the arrow and make it point at a different status, you need to remove the transition and recreate it)

JIRA workflow transition changes

  • Viewing All post-functions, conditions, and validators together has been removed. 
  • Workflow transition IDs are no longer displayed in the user interface. (You can still see it when viewing a workflow text mode.)


Migrated pre-6.0 worklogs with mixed-case usernames are disassociated from authors

With the transition in JIRA 6 to user keys in lieu of user names, the pre-6.0 issue worklog is not being migrated correctly in the case of users who had LDAP-originating non-lowercase usernames. This results in the worklog entries not being associated with the user.

(info) This will be fixed in an upcoming release.

JRA-33074 - Migrated pre-6.0 worklogs with mixed-case usernames are disassociated from authors Resolved

Changes to custom links for the application navigator are not immediately visible in JIRA, Confluence and Bamboo OnDemand

When you make changes to the custom links for the application navigator, e.g. adding new links or modifying existing ones, the changes are not visible when you select the application navigator in another application.

(info) Workaround: Changes in custom links for the application navigator need a few minutes to take effect (up to 10). Alternatively, you can navigate to the application navigator administration page in each application and refresh the page. The links will then appear.

Linking Bitbucket repositories with email addresses fails

 If you use email addresses to connect OnDemandwith Bitbucket, repositories cannot be linked and you will see an error similar to the one shown in the screenshot.

(info) Workaround: Use your Bitbucket account name instead of email address. 


Limitations for searching administration menus

With the functionality where you bring up the Administration Search box by typing 'g' + 'g' from anywhere in your Atlassian OnDemand site and search for administration menus, please be aware of the following limitations.

  • You cannot search for FishEye and Crucible menus at the moment.
  • If you use Internet Explorer 9, this functionality does not work when you are in the Builds (Bamboo) application. You can bring up the search box, but searching does not work.

Users continue receiving email notifications from applications for which access has been revoked

After you revoke a user's access to an application in the Application Access page of the administration console, the user will still be receiving notifications from the application.

This behaviour respects that of the individual applications. For example, in JIRA, a user who has been deactivated, i.e. removed from all groups, continues to receive notifications until the user is removed from the notification groups. That's the way JIRA works, so we're respecting that.

(info) Workaround: N/A.