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The Activity Stream gadget displays the combined activities of the applications available in Atlassian OnDemand, for example updates to your Confluence wiki. Activity streams are also interactive information sources and provide a number of links which you can act on, for instance you can vote on, comment on or watch issues and comment on Confluence pages. Depending on what the activity is about, your action will be reflected in the appropriate object (issue or wiki page/blog, etc.) in the relevant application.

The Activity Stream gadget appears by default in a number of places such as the Activity Stream area on the user profile page. Besides the default activity streams, you can also add activity streams to dashboards, wiki pages or blog posts.

On this page:

Adding the Activity Stream gadget

You can add the Activity Stream gadget to your own dashboards, wiki pages or blog posts.


  • To add a gadget to your dashboards, refer to the Customising the Dashboard page (Adding a Gadget section) of the JIRA documentation.
  • To add a gadget to wiki pages or blog posts, refer to the Gadget Macro page (Inserting Gadgets into a Confluence Page or Blog Post section ) of the Confluence documentation.

After adding the gadget, modify the settings to choose what activities to display.

Filtering activities

By creating filters and modifying display options on the Activity Stream gadget, you can reduce the number of displayed activities or only display specific events.

Before you begin
You can only filter activities for the Activity Stream gadgets that are added by yourself.


  1. Click the Filter button in the top right corner of the activity stream area.
  2. Modify the settings as needed, for example specifying the title that you want to display on your gadget, enter the maximum of activities to display and creating filters to show specific types of events.
    • Global filters: Global filters apply to all applications.
    • Stream filters: Stream filters apply to specific applications. You can choose to include or exclude activities from a certain application by selecting or clearing the check box before the application.
    • More about filters: There are a number of filter types available and their values are specified in different ways. For example for username and issue key filters, directly enter the value or multiple values separated by commas. For the filters whose values are available in the form of lists such as Project and Activity filters, just select a value or multiple values by holding down the Ctrl key.

Subscribing to activities

Each activity stream gadget provides an RSS feed and you can subscribe to the RSS feed to keep up to date with the latest activities.

To subscribe to a RSS feed:

  1. Click the RSS symbol in the top right corner of the activity stream area.
  2. Select your RSS reader to subscribe with.

Condensing activities

By default, the activity stream displays activities in the Full View. In the Full View, you can view activity details and the interaction options such as Watch are also displayed. If you want to see the summary information about activities only, use the List View to condense the list.

Figure 1: Switching between Full View and List View

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