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  1. I have a Crucible project which references multiple Fisheye repositories (as added via "Fisheye Content" in the Crucible projects admin page). Further, I have a Jira project with an application link to that Crucible project. However, when I look in the "Source" tab for my Jira project I only see commits for the default repository for my Crucible project. Is there a way to see the commits for all of the Crucible project's repositories (without adding each as a separate Fisheye repo link in Jira)? Cheers.

  2. I moved my JIRA + Confluence from one host to another. After restoring the databases and addressing the Application link differences (the old system used ip addresses, the new uses host names), Confluence does not allow me to add/configure/delete links (page is blank) and gives this error on the Application Link page: Bad Request.

    I was wondering if anyone could comment on how I might go about resolving this.


    1. Anonymous


      I was facing the exact same problem and i solve it after i change both (JIRA and confluence) base urls from general settings and after that you need to restart server.