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The page provides information about the version of the Application Links plugin (AppLinks) that is bundled with Atlassian products.

You can link between products that bundle different versions of the Application Links plugin, except as indicated below.

Known incompatibilities

Atlassian Support has noted the following incompatibilities:

  • Atlassian products using Tomcat 8.0.30+ integrated with another product using the Shared Access Layer (SAL) version 2.13 or below may face the problems described in the article Cannot retrieve link and provider entity when creating Application Link.
  • Products using AppLinks 4.1 or earlier cannot be linked to products using AppLinks 5.0 or later
  • JIRA 4.4.5 using AppLinks 3.5 cannot be linked to Confluence 5.6.6 using AppLinks 4.2. 
  • AppLinks 3.4 or earlier can't use Trusted Apps to link to products using AppLinks 3.5 or greater which have been patched in line with the following security advisories Bamboo | Confluence | Crucible | JIRA | Stash

As a general rule, you should ensure your applications are using the same major version of AppLinks to resolve any potential incompatibilities.

AppLinks versions by product

The table below shows the version of the Application Links plugin that is bundled with the listed versions of Atlassian server products.






JIRA applications

Bitbucket Server

(formerly Stash)

AppLinks 5.2.4N/A

Confluence 6.1
Confluence 6.0

Crucible 4.3

Crucible 4.2.1+

FishEye 4.3

FishEye 4.2.1+

JIRA 7.3 platformBitbucket Server 4.14
Bitbucket Server 4.13

Bitbucket Server 4.12

Bitbucket Server 4.11
AppLinks 5.2.3N/AN/ACrucible 4.2FishEye 4.2JIRA 7.2 platformN/A
AppLinks 5.2.2N/AConfluence 5.10 N/AN/AN/ABitbucket Server 4.10
Bitbucket Server 4.9

Bitbucket Server 4.8

Bitbucket Server 4.7
AppLinks 5.1.1N/AN/ACrucible 4.1FishEye 4.1N/ABitbucket Server 4.6
AppLinks 5.0.9Bamboo 5.15N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
AppLinks 5.0.8Bamboo 5.14 Confluence 5.9.9N/AN/AN/AN/A
AppLinks 5.0.7

Bamboo 5.13
Bamboo 5.12 
Bamboo 5.11 




N/ACrucible 4.0FishEye 4.0

JIRA 7.1 Core
JIRA 7.1 Software

AppLinks 5.0.5N/AN/AN/AN/AN/ABitbucket Server 4.5
Bitbucket Server 4.4

Bitbucket Server 4.3

Bitbucket Server 4.2
AppLinks 5.0.4N/AConfluence 5.9N/AN/AN/AN/A
AppLinks 5.0.3Bamboo 5.10N/AN/AN/A

JIRA 7.0 Core

JIRA 7.0 Software

AppLinks 5.0.1N/AN/AN/AN/AN/ABitbucket Server 4.1  
Bitbucket Server 4.0
AppLinks 4.3N/AConfluence 5.8Crucible 3.10
Crucible 3.9
Crucible 3.8

Crucible 3.7
Crucible 3.6

FishEye 3.10
FishEye 3.9
FishEye 3.8

FishEye 3.7
FishEye 3.6

JIRA 6.4.1Stash 3.11
Stash 3.10

Stash 3.9

Stash 3.8

Stash 3.7

Stash 3.6

Stash 3.5

Stash 3.4
AppLinks 4.2N/A

Confluence 5.7

Confluence 5.6


JIRA 6.4

JIRA 6.3.3

JIRA 6.3

Stash 3.3

Stash 3.2

Stash 3.1

AppLinks 4.1

Bamboo 5.9

Bamboo 5.8
Bamboo 5.7

Confluence 5.5   Crucible 3.5FishEye 3.5JIRA 6.2

Stash 3.0

Stash 2.12

AppLinks 4.0

Bamboo 5.6

Bamboo 5.5

Bamboo 5.4

Bamboo 5.3

Bamboo 5.2

Bamboo 5.1

Confluence 5.4

Confluence 5.3

Confluence 5.2

Crucible 3.4    

Crucible 3.3

Crucible 3.2

FishEye 3.4  

FishEye 3.3

FishEye 3.2

JIRA 6.1

Stash 2.11

Stash 2.10

Stash 2.9

Stash 2.8

Applinks 3.11N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A

Stash 2.7

Stash 2.6  

Stash 2.5  

AppLinks 3.10

Bamboo 5.0

Bamboo 4.4

Bamboo 4.3


Confluence 5.1

Confluence 5.0

Crucible 3.1

Crucible 3.0

FishEye 3.1

FishEye 3.0

JIRA 5.2

Stash 2.4

Stash 2.3

Stash 2.2

Stash 2.1

AppLinks 3.9N/AN/A

Crucible 2.10

Crucible 2.8

Crucible 2.7

FishEye 2.10

FishEye 2.8

FishEye 2.7

N/AStash 1.3  
AppLinks 3.8N/A Confluence 4.3 N/AN/AN/AStash 1.2
AppLinks 3.7

Bamboo 4.2

Bamboo 4.1

Bamboo 4.0

Confluence 4.2N/AN/AJIRA 5.1Stash 1.0
AppLinks 3.6Bamboo 3.3Confluence 4.1N/AN/AJIRA 5.0N/A

AppLinks 3.5

Bamboo 3.2

Confluence 4.0


JIRA 4.4


AppLinks 3.4

Bamboo 3.1


Crucible 2.6

FishEye 2.6


AppLinks 3.3



AppLinks 3.2


Confluence 3.5

Crucible 2.5

Crucible 2.4

FishEye 2.5

FishEye 2.4

JIRA 4.3


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  1. Just so I understand the matrix laid out about.  

    The rows dictate what application is compatible with what in terms of app links.  I was wondering if app links are backwards compatible? IE can I run Bitbucket server 4.4 with confluence 5.8? Or is that not a thing and I have to wait until confluence supports to appropriate leave of application Links? 

  2. Is JIRA 7.1 now on AppLinks 5.0.5?

  3. Note : This matrix has one error

    Bitbucket versions 4.0 and 4.1 comes with Applinks 5.0.1 and not 4.3

    This makes Bitbucket completly incompatible with JIRA 6.4.X

    1. Thanks for pointing that out! I fixed it.

    2. Note that Bitbucket Server versions 4.0+ are actually compatible with JIRA 6.4.x versions.

      1. Are you sure Paul ? It seems to me they are not based on my local try and on applinks plugins constructions (only one for 4.X and multiples for 5.X)

        Application link is correctly created with correct OAuth incoming/outgoing authentications, all other potential problem sources (proxy, server times etc) are OK, but :

        • JIRA side : In a issue, "Develoment" panel is visible but not information, except "Create branch", is available
        • Bitbucket side : In commits list view, HTLML link in "Issues" column is avaible (clicking on it sends correctly to Jira) but clicking on it gives no information. HTTP response code is 200 but answer body is empty

        In addition, this guide points it out : 

        You should ensure your applications are using the same major version of AppLinks to resolve any potential incompatibilities.

  4. In addition, applinks 4.3.10 jars do not contain any class specificly related to Bitbucket (other products have dedicated ApplicationTypes for instance)

  5. We have confluence server 5.8.6 and are trying to integrate with JIRA 7.1 . Are these compatible ? Or do we need to upgrade Confluence?

    1. No upgrade is required.  Confluence 5.8.x's AppLinks 4.3 will connect to JIRA 7.x's AppLinks 5.0.7 fine.

  6. I've a question then, when i want to update to some of these apps and i want them to cooperate.. e.g. i want to use Confluence, FishEye and JIRA i have to use AppLinks 5.2.x and i will work... And maybe when 5.2.4 will come with Bamboo i can use it with all of apps i've written? Am I right? Thx

  7. Our installation have - JIRA - v6.2.3 with AppLink - v4.1.1 and Confluence - v5.9.3 with AppLink - v5.0.4

    Are they compatible? I was able to verify one way (accessing JIRA from Confluence) using Basic-Access. But couldn't configure OAuth. If OAuth is not compatible... do I need to settle for Trusted-Applications?... Thx 

  8. I installed the new version of Bamboo ( and was trying to link it to  JIRA 7.3.0 but i cant seem to find OAuth option in Bamboo. Only "Trusted application" is the available option which is already deprecated. Has anyone encountered this problem?