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The table below shows the version of the Application Links plugin that is bundled with the versions of the listed Atlassian products.

Note that:

  • You do not need to install AppLinks into any product.
  • You can link between products that bundle different versions of the AppLinks plugin (except as indicated below).


Cases of incompatibility

Atlassian Support has noted the following incompatibilities between versions of AppLinks. You should ensure your applications are using the same major version of AppLinks to resolve any potential incompatibilities.

Source ApplicationDestination ApplicationStatus
JIRA 4.4.5 (Applinks 3.5)Confluence 5.6.6 (Applinks 4.2)Incompatible - 404 on some REST fields in JIRA.


* Products using AppLinks v3.4 or earlier cannot use Trusted Apps to link to products using Applinks v3.5 or greater which have been patched in line with the following security advisories. Please follow the links for more details:

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  1. It seems that this page is missing some critical information: we discovered that jiraissues macro from confluence-3 is no longer able to get issues from jira-6 (the one from confluence 5 works). 

    Atlassian support specified something about using -Dtrustedapps.protocol.version=1 but it wans't clear on which instance nor what protocol versions are these using.

  2. Lastes 3.x Confluence (3.5.17) comes with AppLinks 3.3 but the compatibility table shows that it should also work with 3.4 – still there is no information regarding where we can find AppLinks 3.4 — obviously AppLinks it is missing from Atlassian Marketplace.

  3. Hi Sorin,

    Atlassian support specified something about using -Dtrustedapps.protocol.version=1 but it wans't clear on which instance nor what protocol versions are these using.


    You mentioned the trustedapps.protocol.version.  We are now encountering an issue linking a Confluence 5.4.2 to a JIRA 4.2 ... I have been googling around but didn't find any clue on this parameter.   Did it resolve your issue (or did you use another approach) ?



    1. This has to be added to Confluence side I think, or to be correct to the app that is more recent.

      Anyway, You may be able to fix this by removing all applinks between the apps and recreating them. I think this was the solution in my case. Also, do verify that they are removed form database too! sometimes JIRA or COnf are failing to do this properly. Once you have the applinks clean, you should be able to recreate them.

      I can confirm that I do have working ones betwen conf5 and jira5 (I don't know about 4). Anyway, even so the links are partially broken only OAuth worked for me. It's a total mess, any upgrade has a change of 50% or more of breaking them, badly.

      1. Atlassian support confirmed.  Application link protocols are not compatible between confluence 5.4 and JIRA 4.2.  Given that JIRA 4.2 is EOL for some time already, no support can be provided.

        Our only option is to revert the upgrade of confluence, which is a challenge on its own.    This organisation IT is not eager to do a JIRA upgrade (these still exist)

        It would be good if Atlassian could document the interoperability between the applications, instead of the mystic application link  version matrix above, as the version matrix doesn't show when you are getting into troubles.



  4. We've faced with a problem with making links from JIRA issue (checked for 5.2.7 and 6.1.5) to Confluence page (5.1.5).

    As I understood, we have AppLinks versions 3.10.4/4.0.9 on Jira and 3.10.6 on Confluence.

    Are these AppLinks plugin versions compatible between each other?

  5. I am missing JIRA 6.0.x in the matrix

    The AppLinks Plugin says: JIRA 6.0.4 comes with Applinks 3.11

  6. We are confused with "Application version numbers show the earliest version of the application that supports the relevant AppLinks version." We are planning to upgrade confluence to 5.5.3 and the JIRA version we have is 5.1.7. From the above matrix, we are not sure if these two versions are compatible to each other. Could you please confirm? 

    1. The applinks plugin version in JIRA 5.1.7 is different from applinks plugin version in Confluence 5.5,  so they are not compatible. The best thing I suggest would be to upgrade JIRA also to 6.2 which is the compatible version for Confluence 5.5.3.

      1. Hi Srinivas,

        Thanks for your response. We are already on Confluence 5.3.1 (Applink version 4.0) and have linked with the same JIRA 5.1.7 and see no issues. Do you say that there is an update in Applinks 4.1 that would make JIRA 5.1.7 incompatible with confluence 5.5.3?

        1. Recently we upgraded our Confluence to 5.4.2 and we observed some of the JIRA gadgets on Confluence were broken, JIRA version we tested was 6.0.8. Atlassian support team adivised us to upgrade JIRA to latest version and so we upgraded JIRA to version 6.1.6. All gadgets worked after we upgraded JIRA to 6.1.6.

          1. Hi Srinivas,

            Glad to hear support helped you out and you're up and running now! In theory, the versions of Confluence and JIRA that you had should have worked, but that clearly wasn't the case. We're working on identifying why, and we're also working on updating this page and making it more clear for our customers.



    2. Hi Kesava,

      JIRA 5.1.7 works on applinks 3.7, and Confluence 5.5.3 works on applinks 4.1. You shouldn't have any problems when you upgrade as these are compatible versions of applinks. We're currently looking at ways of making this information clearer for our customers.

      If you do have any issues, please contact support.



  7. Hi,

    I'm kind of lost here. We currently have Crucible 3.1.4 and our JIRA is the version 6.1.7. We couldn't make the application link work and, since we already have a JIRA upgrade planned for later this year, we were going to upgrade all of our tools at once. Considering that the latest version of Crucible is 3.5 and it doesn't appear in the matrix yet, should we upgrade only to 3.2 and will it work with JIRA 6.3.8 version?

    Thanks in advance for your answer.

    1. Hi Maximiliano Alvarez, you should upgrade to the latest versions of FishEye, JIRA and other tools available at the time. If you have trouble with application links or other aspects, don't hesitate to seek help from Atlassian Support.  BTW, I've updated, and simplified, this page a little.

  8. Hi Paul, would you be so kind as to update the matrix to show the compatibility of the latest versions?  I don't see JIRA 6.3.10 on there, for example.

    1. Hi Trevan Householder,

      JIRA 6.3.10 contains Applinks version 4.2.4. In the matrix above, we only indicate the Applinks version to the minor version, so we only state 4.2. We list the JIRA version that first contains the next minor version of Applinks. For example, if JIRA updates to Applinks 4.3, we'll list the JIRA version on the table above. However it could be the case that JIRA skips a version or two, so it could be that it updates to Applinks 4.4 or higher when it's available. We'll always update the table though.

      Hope that helps!


      1. Is the applinks diagnostics addon taking compatibility into account - it might be a good idea ?

  9. I currently have Bamboo 5.7 (latest) and Stash 3.4 (latest) installed.  In order to get them to work together, do I need to downgrade Stash to 3.0?

    1. No, you don't.

      This table simply indicates which version of AppLinks shipped with each Product version.

      Compatibility is complicated by the fact that AppLinks relies on other components, e.g. OAuth and Trusted Apps which can change independently of AppLinks. But, while there are scenarios where this isn't 100% true, in principal it should be assumed that all versions of AppLinks are compatible with one another.

      One such scenario is that between Systems using AppLinks v3.5 or greater and those using Applinks v3.4 and earlier if the link is using Trusted Apps and the older instance hasn't had the relevant security patch applied. In that scenario the link will not work, however the same systems un-patched could still have a working link between themselves if they used Basic Auth.


  10. I'm currently having issues linking Confluence 5.6 to JIRA 6.3. Both applications are running on the same machine, along with Crowd. Both Confluence & JIRA will link to Crowd without any problem, however when I go to create the reciprocal link from Confluence to JIRA, the link fails & requests OAuth information to be entered manually. I have tried searching for a solution, however so far I have not found anything definitive.



    1. Hi Ben,

      It sounds very like there is some issue with Confluence communicating with JIRA using the URL you are providing it with when trying to create the link.

      During the creating of an Applink Confluence will append the following to the URL you have entered: /rest/applinks/1.0/manifest.


      If it does not get the expected response, the xml document indicating the remote instance supports AppLinks it will assume it is a 3rd party URL and drop back to manual configuration.

      It is probably worth you raising a support ticket to get some assistance resolving this, but typically the problem is something like a firewall/proxy acting on the URL between the two instances, or possibly that one of the Base Urls, as defined in the System Settings of the instances, is set to a different, uncontactable, URL.

      1. Thanks Michael,

        I've had a look at the manifest files output through a browser & I get a fairly human readable screen for my Confluence instance, nothing for Crowd & a very jumbled screen for JIRA, I assume that the manifest might be corrupted. Is there any way to rebuild the manifest?

        Many Thanks,


        1. The manifest is regenerated for every request.

          To be honest I'd be surprised if it had been created incorrectly, but you never know.

          Raising a support ticket would allow you to post the resulting manifests privately and get them reviewed.

  11. I have Stash data center 3.9 and JIRA 6.3. my app links are not working. is those are compatible? or do i need to upgrade JIRA to 6.4? 

    My stash data center url is dnsname and accessing through load balancer– where my JIRA also dnsname