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This documentation relates to Application Links 4.0.x
If you are using an earlier version, please view the previous versions of the AppLinks documentation and select the relevant version.

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  1. Anonymous

    Please add some information on how to test that communication between the apps is working correctly.

  2. For the new "Insert Jira" support in Confluence 3.5, you also need to include the following in the permitted URL patterns for Confluence when configuring trusted applications on the Jira side:


    If you don't specify the above, the "Create New Issue" functionality will throw errors.

  3. shoulde be

  4. I've raised a support issue for this but support is trying to get me to use Oauth instead for some reason. My issue is this, when specifying acceptable IP's in the configuration for Confluence 4.1 to Jira 4.4.4 the Jira Issues macro that pops up a box enabling you to search with JQL for issues in Jira stops working. Looking in the Jira log it rejects the requests because it has sent the IP of my browser, and not the confluence server IP in the request. That is not the behaviour I expect.

    The other Jira macro which shows a list of Jira issues from a search in the page works fine as this does use the server IP.

    Has anyone else got around this?