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This page tells you how to install the Application Links (AppLinks) plugin into your Atlassian products.

On this page:

Step 1. Check the System Requirements


You will need the following products to make use of Application Links:

Version Matrix

The matrix below shows the applications that support AppLinks. The applications are listed horizontally across the top and the AppLinks versions are listed vertically on the left.
  • Version numbers next to a tick (tick) show the earliest release of the application which supports the relevant AppLinks version.
  • Version numbers in brackets show a future application release expected to support the relevant AppLinks version.







AppLinks 1.1

(tick) 2.8

(tick) 1.5

(tick) 1.5

(tick) 3.12

(tick) 1.4

AppLinks 1.3

(tick) 2.8
(warning) Confluence 3.0 does not support Application Links.

(tick) 1.5
(warning) Crucible 1.6.0 to 1.6.5 do not support Application Links.

(tick) 1.5
(warning) FishEye 1.6.0 to 1.6.5 do not support Application Links.

(tick) 3.12.x to 3.13.0
(warning) JIRA 3.13.1 to 4.0 Beta do not support Application Links.

(tick) 1.4

Other useful links:

Step 2. Download the AppLinks Plugin

  1. Download Application Links, along with its dependencies, as a simple zip archive from the Atlassian repository.
  2. Unzip the archive into a location of your choice.

(info) The Application Links archive includes the Atlassian Shared Access Layer jars.

Step 3. Install AppLinks in JIRA

Follow these steps if you want to install Application Links into JIRA:

  1. Copy the following jars into JIRA's <Installation Directory>/atlassian-jira/WEB-INF/lib directory:
    • applinks-api.jar
    • applinks-core.jar
    • applinks-jira-plugin.jar
    • sal-api.jar
    • sal-core.jar
    • sal-jira-plugin.jar

  2. Restart JIRA.

Step 4. Install AppLinks in Confluence

Follow these steps if you want to install Application Links into Confluence:

  1. Copy the following jars into Confluence's <Installation Directory>/confluence/WEB-INF/lib directory:
    • applinks-api.jar
    • applinks-core.jar
    • applinks-confluence-plugin.jar
    • sal-api.jar
    • sal-core.jar
    • sal-spring.jar
    • sal-confluence-plugin.jar

  2. Restart Confluence.

Step 5. Install AppLinks in FishEye and Crucible

Follow these steps if you want to install Application Links into FishEye. This will also install AppLinks in Crucible:

  1. Make sure that your FishEye has a FISHEYE_INST/lib/ directory. Please refer to the FishEye Installation Guide for instructions.
  2. Copy the following jars into FishEye's FISHEYE_INST/lib/ directory:
    • applinks-api.jar
    • applinks-core.jar
    • applinks-fisheye-plugin.jar
    • sal-api.jar
    • sal-core.jar
    • sal-spring.jar
    • sal-fisheye-plugin.jar

  3. Restart FishEye.

Now you will need to configure the linked applications using the administration screens of each application. Please refer to the Administration Guide.


Application Links Administration Guide
Application Links Documentation Home
Atlassian Product Integration

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