This documentation relates to Application Links 2.1.x
If you are using an earlier version, please view the previous versions of the AppLinks documentation and select the relevant version.

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This page tells you how to add applications to your JIRA site, so that Application Links will work between JIRA and the added applications.

(info) Before following the instructions below, please make sure that you have installed the Application Links plugin as described in the Installation Guide.

  1. Make sure that the application you want to add is running. For example, if you want to add Application Links between Confluence and JIRA, then both Confluence and JIRA must be up.
  2. Log in to JIRA as a system administrator.
  3. Go to the 'Administration' screen.
  4. Click the 'Application Links' link. The 'External Application Links' screen will appear, as shown below:

  5. Click 'Add Instance'.
  6. The 'Edit Instance Details' screen will appear, as shown below:

  7. Enter the following information:





    Select the application you are adding.


    Instance name

    Enter the name of the application instance. We recommend that you use a unique instance name, to ensure that synchronisation will work.
    (info) When using the JIRA screens to synchronise, there is currently a limitation that the instance you are synchronising from be called jira. See APL-2.

    confluence extranet


    Enter the address of the application instance. Please make sure that the URL agrees with the base URL configured in your application. For Subversion, the URL is {{


    }} plus the path to the SVN repository. (See the note about Subversion below.)

    Login, Password

    Enter the username and password of a user with system administration rights on the application instance. They are not required for Subversion.


    FishEye Admin Password

    Enter the password of the FishEye administrator. This field is only required when you are adding the FishEye application.


  8. Click the 'Save' button.
  9. The application instance has now been added into Application Links. The new application instance will now show on the 'External Application Links' screen:

Subversion Links Not Currently Used outside JIRA Studio

Application Links was originally developed for JIRA Studio, which uses the Subversion linking to associate the repository with the Atlassian applications. Outside JIRA Studio, there are currently no plugins that use SVN application links.

This means that, unless you are writing a new plugin to use the Subversion linking, you will not find it useful to add Subversion to your Application Links suite. It will not provide any extra rendering of links in JIRA or Confluence. To render links of the form source:<Filename>, you will need FishEye.


Application Links Administration Guide
Application Links Installation Guide

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