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10 July 2009

With great pleasure, Atlassian announces the release of Application Links 2.0.1. This is the first public release of AppLinks 2.x. (Version 2.0.0 was not released publicly.)

From version 2.0.1 and later, AppLinks is a version 2 plugin as defined by the Atlassian Plugin Framework 2. This means that AppLinks is now compatible with Atlassian applications that use version 2 of the plugin framework. For JIRA, we provide a legacy version 1 plugin, since JIRA 3.13.x does not yet support version 2 of the plugin framework.

Full compatibility details are in the installation guide. In summary, AppLinks is now compatible with:

Using Application Links 2.0.1, you can now map one JIRA project to multiple FishEye repositories. We use Application Links primarily in JIRA Studio, where this new feature allows the source tab on an issue page to show commits against multiple projects.

Don't have Application Links yet?

Take a look at the features in the User Guide. Then follow our Installation Guide.


Comments, Requests and Feedback

We would love your feedback. Please log your requests, bug reports and comments in our issue tracker.

List of Fixes in Application Links 2.0.1

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