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You can add more than one instance of the same application to your Application Links suite. For example, you can include two Confluence sites into your suite of Application Links applications. This is described in More about Adding Applications.

There must be one primary instance of each application.

If there is only one instance of a particular application, the primary instance will by default be that single instance. If there are multiple instances of a particular application, the primary instance will by default be the one added first.

What is the Significance of the Primary Instance?

The primary instance is the default instance that is used if no project links are configured for a project.

Selecting a Primary Instance

You can manage your applications via either Confluence or JIRA.

  • In our example below, we have used the JIRA Administration screens to select the primary Confluence instance.
  • If you are using Confluence but not JIRA, you can perform similar steps using the Confluence Administration console.
  1. Log in to JIRA as a system administrator.
  2. Click the 'Application Links' link. The 'External Application Links' screen will appear, as shown below.
  3. Click 'Make primary' next to the relevant application instance.

Screenshot: Specifying a primary application instance


Adding and Synchronising Project Links via JIRA
Application Links Administration Guide
Application Links User Guide

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