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Link rendering is a feature of the Application Links plugin that lets you create links to issues or pages in the project or space using a simple textual reference. To enable link rendering, you need to create an application link and create entity links between the entities that you want to link between.

For example, you may do the following:

  • Create an application link between a JIRA server and a Confluence server.
  • Create an entity link between a project (e.g. 'JRA') on the JIRA server and a space (e.g. 'DOC') on the Confluence server.

You could then reference an issue in your JIRA project from a Confluence page by just typing the issue key, e.g. [JRA-1234]. You could also reference a page in your Confluence space from a JIRA issue by just typing the page title, e.g. [Test Page].

The following table lists the format for different links:

To link to ...

Type this


an issue

<Issue Key>


a wiki page in the same project

[<Page Name>]

[My Draft Page]

a wiki page in a different project

[<Space Key>:<Page Name>]

[TEST:My Draft Page]

a changeset

revision:<Changeset Number>
rev:<Changeset Number>
r<Changeset Number>


a source file



a review

<Review Number>


a build plan

<Build Plan Key>


a build result

<Build Result Key>


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  1. Anonymous

    Mind that this feature was removed from Jira 4.3!