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If you have set up project links (also called entity links) to more than one project in the same application, for example you have linked your Confluence space to two JIRA projects, then one of the project links will be marked as the primary link. All outgoing requests will be directed to the primary link.

For example, if you have a Confluence space that is linked to two JIRA projects, you can nominate the link to one of the JIRA projects as the primary link. Every time Confluence requests JIRA information (for example, in a JIRA issues macro) it will request it from the primary link's JIRA project. Note, both JIRA projects can still request information from the Confluence space (for example, a Confluence page gadget on the dashboards of each JIRA instance).

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To make a project link the primary link:

  1. Log into your application as an administrator and navigate to the project administration page:
  2. Click the 'Make Primary' link in the 'Action' column for the project link that you want to make the primary link. A symbol will display in the 'Primary' column next to the link.
    (info) _The 'Primary' column and 'Make Primary' link will appear only if you have set up multiple project links to the same application, for example you have linked a Confluence space to a number of JIRA projects.

Screenshot above: Viewing project links for a Confluence space

Adding an Entity Link
Delete an Entity Link

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