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Application Links (sometimes called "AppLinks") is a bundled plugin that allows you to link your Atlassian applications such as JIRA, Confluence, StashFishEye, Crucible and Bamboo. Linking two applications is how you integrate them, and allows those applications to share information and access each other's functions. For example, if you link JIRA and Confluence, you can view JIRA issues on a Confluence page via the JIRA Issues macro. You can even link your individual projects, spaces and repositories across the different applications.

The Application Links plugin is bundled and shipped with the Atlassian applications. You cannot install it yourself. 

Configuration guide

The guide you're reading is for administrators who want to configure application links between Atlassian applications. The guide contains information on:

Troubleshooting guide

Having trouble integrating your Atlassian products with Application Links?

We've developed a guide to troubleshooting Application Links, to help you out. Take a look if you need a hand getting around any errors or roadblocks with setting up Application Links.

Developer resources

Developer resources are for those who want to develop with the Application Links plugin. Take a look at the Application Links documentation on the Atlassian Developers site.

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