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Atlassian Partners host Seminars for customers all over the world. If you don't get the chance to attend one in your area, or if you are just interested in viewing presentations of seminars from other countries, then please browse this page and click on past presentations. To find out about future Partner Seminars, please visit our Events page and click on the "Seminars" tab. Let us know if you have any questions at

Past Seminars Hosted by Atlassian Partners

Paris Seminar Hosted by VALIANTYS
Date of Event: December 10, 2009

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Pour ce séminaire qui sera entièrement consacré à JIRA, l´agenda prévu est le suivant :

  • 8H30 : Accueil et petit déjeuner
  • 9H00 : Introduction (VALIANTYS)
  • 9H10 : ULLINK - Utilisation de JIRA dans un contexte Service Desk/ITIL
  • 10H00 : VALIANTYS - Gérer vos SLA dans JIRA avec le plugin Vertygo SLA
  • 10H30 : Pause
  • 11H00 : AIRBUS CIMPA - Utilisation de JIRA dans un contexte CMMI/Niv3
  • 11H50 : PYXIS Technologies - Le plugin MINYAA Suite
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