Reimbursement Form

Atlassian will fund your AUG based on the number of attendees at your event

You must prove the number of attendees with a list of email addresses from each meeting. Please contact if you have any questions. 

Attendee Count

Amount Atlassian Will Reimburse

≤ 25






> 100

Let's chat!

If you are located in Europe

In addition to completing the form below: please attach (or send to an invoice that includes your full address, phone number, and bank details (IBAN + BIC/SWIFT code) addressed to:

Atlassian BV
Keizersgracht 311
1016 EE  Amsterdam
The Netherlands
The invoice should show the correct amount of reimbursement in EURO based on the scale below. All European user groups will be reimbursed via bank transfer.

AUGs in United States

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All AUGs outside United States

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