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Bamboo 5.5 has been released. Read the Bamboo 5.5 Release Notes and the Bamboo upgrade guide.
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27 February, 2008

Atlassian Software Systems presents Bamboo 2.0 Beta 3


Bamboo 2.0 Beta 3 introduces a number of new features, including Perforce support and the ability to connect to Oracle and MS SQL as external databases. A number of significant fixes have been included as well, improving the overall quality and experience of the beta.

Upgrading to Bamboo 2.0 Beta

Bamboo 2.0 Beta can be downloaded from the Bamboo Download Centre. Before upgrading, please read the Bamboo 2.0 Beta 3 Upgrade Guide. If you are upgrading from a version of Bamboo prior to the Bamboo 2.0 Beta 2, please read all of the Bamboo 2.0 Beta Release Notes and Bamboo 2.0 Beta Upgrade Guides before upgrading.

What's New in Bamboo 2.0 Beta 3?

Perforce Support — Bamboo brings back out of the box support for Perforce source repositories. A number of changes have been made to Perforce configuration to ensure that it works correctly with distributed builds. Read more about configuring Perforce.

Oracle and MS SQL Server Support — By popular request, Bamboo's supported databases now include Oracle and MS SQL Server. Read more about connecting Bamboo to Oracle and MS SQL Server.

Major Bug Fixes — Bamboo now works with PostgreSQL and MySQL correctly. Please see the relevant Postgresql and MySQL JIRA issues for details about the fixes.

Known Issues

The following issues are applicable at the time of the Bamboo 2.0 Beta 3 release. Please refer to each of the previous beta release notes to review the complete list of issues and fixes for each beta release.

  • Perforce is not supported in the Bamboo 2.0 Beta (but will be supported in the official Bamboo 2.0 release). FIXED!
  • Bamboo currently does not work with MySQL. See BAM-2260 for further details. FIXED!
  • Plans currently cannot be edited, if Bamboo is integrated with a Postgresql database. See BAM-2208 for further details. FIXED!
  • Hibernate Errors in logs - this is a known issue, caused due to our pre-hibernate upgrade tasks to prepare Bamboo database for Oracle and MS SQL Server compatibility.
  • Secured remote agents are not supported in the Bamboo 2.0 Beta (but will be supported in the official Bamboo 2.0 release). Please see the Bamboo security advisory for further details.
  • JDK and Builders pages have not been included in the Bamboo 2.0 Beta (but will be supported in the official Bamboo 2.0 release).
  • Please note that builds are currently allocated to agents during queuing time, not execution time. This may occasionally mean that a build is executed by an agent that you have disabled, which is slightly different from the functionality described in Monitoring agent status. For example:
    1. Agent A is enabled and is currently executing a build for Plan X.
    2. Plan Y submits a build to the queue, and the queue assigns the build to Agent A.
    3. You disable Agent A.
    4. Agent A completes Plan X's build.
    5. Although agent A is disabled, it will still run Plan Y's build, because it was determined as executable when plan Y was queued.

Updates and Fixes in this Release

Please help us with the final 2.0 release by reporting any bugs and issues you find, in the Bamboo project at