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When you create a new plan, you specify the default source repository to be used for your plan builds. Bamboo checks out the code from the repository before performing all the subsequent tasks for the build.

Bamboo is able to connect to a variety of version control systems. For details, please refer to the following pages:

On this page:

If you are a Bamboo server administrator, you can configure a shared source repository. Shared repositories are available to all plans on the server.

Note that if you need to use an unsupported type of repository, a number of third-party Source Repository plugin modules are available (e.g. the ClearCase plugin). You can also write a Source Repository Module plugin to enable Bamboo to connect to your repository.

Screenshot: Configuring a job — Bitbucket Source Repository

Viewing the source repository for a plan

To navigate to the source repository settings for a plan:

  1. Click Dashboard  and then the All Plans tab.
  2. Locate the plan in the list and click its icon. The plan's configuration pages will be displayed.
  3. Click the Source Repositories tab to see all the repositories configured for this plan.
  4. Click the name of a repository to see its particular settings (see screenshot below).

Screenshot: Viewing the details for a source repository of a plan

Viewing the source repository for a job

To navigate to the source repository settings for a job:

  1. Click Dashboard and then the All Plans tab.
  2. Locate the plan in the list which contains the job you wish to configure and click the plan's name. The plan's 'Plan Summary' page will be displayed.
  3. Choose Actions > Configure Plan.
  4. Click the name of the job in the 'Plan Navigator' on the left. The job's Summary will be displayed.
  5. Click the Tasks tab and then the Source Code Checkout task, to see the repository settings for your job. (Note that this may not be present in your job configuration if it has been explicitly removed by the user.)

For a description of configuring the Source Code Checkout task see Checking out code.

Page: Bitbucket Page: CVS Page: Git Page: GitHub Page: Mercurial Page: Perforce Page: Subversion


  1. Anonymous

    I am not sure why there is no description in documentation regarding build of particular label?

  2. Anonymous

    Is there a way to map multiple FishEye Repositories to a single Bamboo Plan?

    1. Anonymous

      I would also like to find out if there is a way to map multiple perforce branches to a single bamboo plan.

  3. Anonymous

    Anyone know why a Shared Repository wouldn't show up in a Plan's repositories (when I'm trying to create a project task for source code checkout) ?

  4. Anonymous

    Just wondering if there is a way to use android repo tool to checkout source code from GIT in Bamboo build plan?

  5. Anonymous

    Do you have support for TFS ?

  6. Anonymous

    I have the same question as one above me. Do you support TFS?!

  7. Bamboo doesn't get shipped with TFS support. However, you might want to consider using this third party plugin to add the needed functionality into Bamboo.