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There are a variety of ways in which a build can be triggered for a plan:
  • Code updated — a build can be triggered whenever one or more authors checks-in code.
  • Scheduled build — a build can be scheduled to occur at regular intervals.
  • Dependency — a build can be triggered whenever a successful build occurs for another plan.
  • Manual build — a build can be triggered manually.
  • Initial clean build — a build will be triggered when a new plan is created.

The way in which each build was triggered is listed in the 'Reason' column on the Dashboard.

Considerations for choosing a Build Strategy

  • Code updated:
    Triggering a build when code is updated ensures that a build only occurs when necessary. There are two ways to trigger a build when code is updated:
    • "Pull strategy"
      Polling the repository for code changes means that Bamboo will check-out the source-code on a regular basis, and examine it for changes. If Bamboo detects a change, it will trigger a build. See 3.2.1 Polling the Repository for Code Changes.
    • "Push strategy"
      Triggering a build on code check-in has the advantage of placing minimal load on your Bamboo server, but requires that the repository is configured to fire an event to the Bamboo server. See 3.2.2 Triggering a Build on Code Check-in.

  • Scheduled build:
    Triggering a build on schedule can allow a team to structure the day according to a predictable schedule. Note that scheduled builds are run regardless of whether or not any code changes have occurred. There are two ways to schedule a build:
    • Single Daily Build

      A single daily build runs at a time of your choice. This is particluarly suitable for builds that take a long time to complete.

      See 3.3.1 Scheduling a Single Daily Build.
    • Cron-Based Scheduling
      A cron-based schedule allows you to schedule builds according to a flexible cron expression. For example, "0 0/30 9-19 ? * MON-FRI" would trigger a build every half-an-hour from 9am to 7pm, Monday to Friday. See 3.3.2 Specifying a Cron-based Schedule.

(info) Also see 4.4 Stopping an Active Build.


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