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If your organisation uses the JIRA issue-tracker, Bamboo can automatically create links to any issues mentioned in code check-in comments, as well as displaying a summary in the build result (see below). This provides an easy way to jump to relevant issue(s) to see details about what the code is intended to achieve.

Links to JIRA issues are indicated by a small green arrow to the right of the issue key.


This will only be available if Bamboo-JIRA communication has been enabled by your Bamboo administrator. For details please refer to the Bamboo 1.0 Administrator's Guide.

To view the JIRA issues for a build result:

  1. Go to the plan.
  2. Click the 'Completed Builds' tab, then click the Build Number in the list.
  3. This will display the Build Result Summary. Click the 'JIRA' tab.

Screenshot: JIRA Issues for a Build Result

To view all build results related to a JIRA issue:

  1. Click the 'Show related builds' link in the above screenshot.


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