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Looking for existing plugins? See the existing plugins and extensions written by the community in the Bamboo Extensions space.

Developing Plugins

Getting started with Atlassian plugins

This tutorial​ will show you how to set up your development environment, create an empty plugin template, and the basic principles of building, debugging, and testing a plugin. It will take you through the prerequisites and introduce you to some of the resources that Atlassian provides for plugin developers.

The Bamboo Plugin Guide

These documents are specifically about plugins for Bamboo. There's a page for each plugin module type that Bamboo supports. You can combine multiple plugin modules inside a single plugin to accomplish complex tasks. There is also other reference information including.

Understanding Bamboo Source Code

Setting up Bamboo Development Environment in IDEA

This document gives instructions on how to build an IDEA project from Bamboo's source distribution.

Building a Bamboo War Distribution From Source

This document gives instructions on how to build a bamboo.war distribution from Bamboo's source distribution.

Other Bamboo Resources

Reference Information

Tutorials and Example Plugins

Sample plugin source available to be checked out from our source repository:

Bamboo Developer FAQ

Bamboo API

Bamboo REST APIs

Plugin API Changes

Installing Bamboo Plugins

Existing Plugins

Other Resources for Developers


More Bamboo Resources

Bamboo Resources

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