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The purpose of this tutorial is to demonstrate how you can add custom functionality to Bamboo via plugins. The tutorial aims to give you a good starting point for Bamboo plugin development, and how the different Bamboo plugin modules can work together. In this tutorial, we will run through the development of a plugin derived from a real use-case requirement.

Bamboo Labeller Plugin

There are many cases when builds in Bamboo fail because of particular, recurring errors. For example, a functional test in Confluence may periodically fail because of an OutOfMemoryError when things get hectic. It would be useful for developers to keep track of these particular builds, so they can look into it further. For this to happen, Bamboo will need to:

  • Parse the error logs after a failed build.
  • Look for the text java.lang.OutOfMemoryError in the log
  • If found, tag the build with a label, say out_of_memory

Once that's done, the developer can set up a RSS feed on the out_of_memory tag. They will then be able to keep track of the builds which fail with an OutOfMemoryError. We can even extend this concept further, by replacing the search for java.lang.OutOfMemoryError with any regular expression, tagging it with a label of choice.



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