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If a build was triggered by a code change, the code changes will be shown in the build result.

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Viewing the Code Changes that Triggered a Build

To view the code changes that triggered a particular build result:

  1. Navigate to the build results for the Plan/Job, as described in Viewing a Build Result, and click the desired build result.
  2. Click the 'Changes' tab. A list of updated files will be shown. If there are no code changes since last build (e.g. a manual build) there will not be any changes displayed on screen.
  3. Click the filename to view the changes; or, click the version number to view the entire file; or, click the 'diffs' links to view the differences between the current and previous version of each file. Links to individual source-code files will only be available if your Bamboo administrator has specified a 'Web Repository URL' in the build's plan. For details, please see Specifying the Source Repository for a Plan in the Bamboo Administrator's Guide.

Screenshot above: Code Changes


  • Bamboo-FishEye Integration — If you are using Atlassian's FishEye with Bamboo, you will be able to view the source code, version history and 'diff' comparison for the file in FishEye via the relevant links described above. Your Bamboo administrator needs to have specified the URL of your FishEye project when specifying the source repository for the plan.
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