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Below are some links to external blog posts and articles containing technical tips and instructions on setting up and using Bamboo. This page presents an opportunity for customers and community authors to share information and experiences.

The references here are technical 'how to' guides written by bloggers who use Bamboo. For feature tours, solution tours and other information about continuous integration, please refer to the Atlassian website and to our evaluator resources.

Please be aware that these are external blogs and articles.


Most of the links point to external sites, and some of the information is relevant to a specific release of Bamboo. Atlassian provides these links because the information is useful and relevant at the time it was written. Please check carefully whether the information is still relevant when you read it, and whether it is relevant to your version of Bamboo. Unless explicitly stated, Atlassian does not offer support for third-party extensions or plugins. The information in the linked blog posts has not been tested or reviewed by Atlassian. We recommend that you test all solutions on a test server before trying them on your production site.

On this page:

Build Management
Lightning fast notification
  • By: John Ferguson Smart, on the 'Atlassian Blog'
  • About: Using IM as a notification system to keep developers up to date on the new deployments for their various projects
  • Date: 15 April 2009
  • Related documentation: Working with Instant Messenger (IM) Notifications
Automating the staging and production deployments
  • By: John Ferguson Smart, on the 'Atlassian Blog'
  • About: Moving your builds to general availability (GA) and production deployments with Maven, JIRA and Bamboo
  • Date: 6 May 2009
  • Related documentation: JiraVersions Plugin
Non-Java Languages
Continuous Integration for Ruby
  • By: John Ferguson Smart, on the 'Atlassian Blog'
  • About: A Continuous Integration environment that runs Ruby builds and tests on Bamboo, and automates the deployment and installation on a remote test machine
  • Date: 20 May 2009
  • Related documentation: Can Bamboo build and test non-Java projects?
Continuous Integration Goodness for your Ruby Project
Atlassian Bamboo and Perl Test Harness
  • By: Gary Richardson, on blog 'The Cult of Gary'
  • About: Getting your Perl test cases to work with Bamboo, using TAP::Harness::JUnit
  • Date: 7 November 2008
  • Related documentation: Can Bamboo build and test non-Java projects?
Setting up phpUnit on Elastic Bamboo
  • By: Michael White
  • About: Getting automated unit testing working for your PHP code. (Note, this tutorial is written for JIRA Studio, however the instructions can be applied to non-JIRA Studio installations of Bamboo).
  • Date: 20 Oct 2010
  • Related documentation: Can Bamboo build and test non-Java projects?
Performance Builds
Bamboo JMeter Aggregator - Getting the most from performance builds
  • By: James Roper, on the 'Atlassian Blog'
  • About: Using the Bamboo JMeter Aggregator plugin to manage the data produced by your performance builds
  • Date: 21 May 2009
  • Related documentation: Bamboo JMeter Aggregator Plugin
Bamboo plugins for Git and GitHub
Secure Installation of Bamboo
  • By: Stéphane Bagnier, on the 'Antelink Blog'
  • About: Part of a series about the complete installation of the Atlassian suite behind a proxy with SSL everywhere
  • Date: 14 December 2010
  • Related documentation: Bamboo Installation Guide

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Your first port of call should be the author of the linked blog post. If you want to let us know how useful (or otherwise) a linked post is, please add a comment to this page.

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