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A Job is a single build unit within a Plan. One or more Jobs can be organised into one or more Stages. A Job is made up of one or more Tasks. A Job defines:

  • what gets built (i.e. the source code repository) — this can be a custom, Job-specific source repository or the 'default source repository' of the Plan that contains this Job;
  • which agent capabilities are required for the build (based on Job-specific requirements and requirements of the Job's Tasks);
  • what Tasks make up the Job and the order in which they are executed;
  • what artifacts the Job's build will produce;
  • any labels with which the build result or build artifacts will be tagged;

Each new Plan created in Bamboo contains at least one Job known as the 'Default Job'.

Projects and plans can only be configured by Bamboo administrators (see Creating a Plan).

On this page:

Viewing a Job

To navigate to a Job:

  1. Click 'Home' to go to the Dashboard and click the 'All Plans' tab.
  2. In the list of Plans, click the name of the desired Plan. The Plan's Plan Summary page will be displayed.
  3. In the 'Plan Navigator' on the left, click the name of the desired Job. The Job will be displayed (see diagram below)
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Diagram above: Job Configuration (Annotated)


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