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The third-party Coverage plug-in for Bamboo stores very large amounts of data in the Bamboo database. There are two consequences of this:

  1. Using the Coverage plug-in with an embedded Bamboo database may result in poor performance, OutOfMemoryErrors, and/or Bamboo start-up failures; and
  2. After installing the Coverage plug-in, you may encounter difficulties with Bamboo's import, export and backup features, such as OutOfMemoryErrors and corrupted export and backup files.

Precautionary Measures

To mitigate the risk of these problems, Atlassian makes the following recommendations to users of the Coverage plug-in:

  1. Atlassian strongly recommends that you migrate to a supported external database before installing this plug-in; and
  2. Once you have installed the Coverage plug-in, Atlassian strongly recommends that you regularly backup your bamboo-home and external database using external tools, as the plug-in may interfere with the reliability of Bamboo's built-in backup feature. We intend to address the underlying issue in a future release of Bamboo.

Recovery Procedure

If an instance of Bamboo is configured with an embedded database and the Coverage plug-in is failing for the reasons described above, this can be rectified by removing the Coverage plug-in's data from the database, using the following procedure.

On Linux, Mac OS X and other Unix-like platforms:

  1. Shut down Bamboo.
  2. Execute the following commands in a shell, substituting bamboo-home with the path to your Bamboo home directory:

    cd bamboo-home/database

    grep "^INSERT INTO BUILDRESULTSUMMARY_CUSTOMDATA .*'coverage\." defaultdb.script | gzip > coverage.sql.gz

    mv defaultdb.script defaultdb.script.backup_with_coverage

    gzip defaultdb.script.backup_with_coverage

    gunzip -c defaultdb.script.backup_with_coverage.gz | grep -v "^INSERT INTO BUILDRESULTSUMMARY_CUSTOMDATA .*'coverage\." > defaultdb.script

  3. Start Bamboo.

On Microsoft Windows:

For assistance, please raise a Bamboo support request.

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