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Bamboo allows you to dedicate an agent, to run, for example, only specific build projects, deployment projects or associated activities. You must dedicate an agent to a type of activity and a specific entity of that type.

Note that when you dedicate an agent, then no other activity will be able to use it, unless it is dedicated to that activity as well.

To dedicate an agent:

  1. Click the  icon and select Overview.
  2. Click Agents in the left panel to display the 'Agents' screen. This displays all local and remote agents currently available to your Bamboo system. The 'Status' column indicates which agents are currently enabled or disabled.
  3. Select the agent you wish to dedicate, and click on the Dedicate agent tab.
  4. Using the menu, select the type of activity you wish to dedicate the agent to. Available choices are:
    • Build project
    • Build plan
    • Build job
    • Deployment project
    • Deployment environment
  5. Select an entity to assign the dedicated agent to. This will be a specific project, plan, job or environment. Use the menu or type-ahead field to locate a suitable entity.
  6. If required, click Add to add an additional entity dedication.
  7. Click Save to dedicate your agent.

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