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The Working Directory is where Bamboo temporarily puts the checked-out files it is building. The location of this directory was specified using the Setup Wizard, can be viewed as described in Bamboo's system information, and can be changed as described below.

By default, this directory is located under the  xml-data  directory in the Bamboo home directory.

Each build's jobs have their own working directory relative to this configured working directory:



To change the location of Bamboo's working directory:

  1. Shut down Bamboo.
  2. Open the <Bamboo-Home>/bamboo.cfg.xml file in a text editor. Find the following line -

        <property name="buildWorkingDir">/home/Bamboo-home/xml-data/build-dir</property>
  3. Edit the Bamboo working directory to point to a new folder on disk.
  4. Save the changes and restart Bamboo.
    Note: Bamboo will do a fresh checkout and perform a clean build of all your plans, once the directory is changed.