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Welcome to the Bamboo troubleshooting space! Search only the Bamboo Knowledge Base from the search on the left hand side, browse the page tree for specific areas, or subscribe to the RSS feeds below to get version-specific alerts from the Atlassian Support team. To learn about the subscription options, select the "Visit the complete list of known issues" link in the version-appropriate box below.

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Page: Bamboo Performance Page: Browse Articles by Version Page: Miscellaneous Page: Troubleshooting Apache and SSL Services Page: Troubleshooting Backup & Restore Page: Troubleshooting Bamboo Gadgets Page: Troubleshooting Bamboo Plan Configuration Page: Troubleshooting Builds Page: Troubleshooting Databases Page: Troubleshooting Indexing Page: Troubleshooting Installation Page: Troubleshooting Integration With Atlassian Applications Page: Troubleshooting LDAP Integration Page: Troubleshooting Notifications (Email & IM) Page: Troubleshooting Remote Agents Page: Troubleshooting Remote Agents (EC2) Page: Troubleshooting SCM Integration Page: Troubleshooting Telemetry & Reporting Page: Troubleshooting Third Party Plugins Page: Troubleshooting Upgrades Page: Troubleshooting Backups Page: Bamboo Features and Best Practices Page: Bamboo Deployments Page: 'How Do I...' and 'How to...' Guide to Bamboo Page: Troubleshooting Plugins Page: Securing Bamboo (using Tomcat) against Poodle. Disabling SSLV3 Page: Bamboo Lost Connection to JIRA/Crowd User Repository and Admin Cannot Login Page: Connecting to SVN server using SSL fails due to unrecognized_name Page: Docker containers are not removed after a build completes Page: Troubleshooting Bamboo User Management Page: Configuring remote agents to listen on custom port Page: Working with Bamboo and Git Page: '<command>' is not recognized as an internal or external command Page: The license for Visual Studio has expired Page: List of Atlassian AMI IDs Page: Unable to link Test result to JIRA issue Page: Configuring AWS S3 Storage policy permissions for Bamboo Page: Unable to change the current build number in Bamboo Page: How to update/upgrade Java JDK on Bamboo Cloud stock instances Page: Trying to move plans from one project to another results in error Page: Bamboo deployment status Page: Bamboo Cloud Page: Remote Desktop Connection password is not (yet) available on Bamboo EC2 Page: Bamboo Builds and Deployments sections showing UI problems after upgrade Page: Unable to publish artifact Page: Elastic Bamboo - The supplied AWS account credentials are either not valid or cannot be used to access EC2 services Page: Bamboo returns error when shippedWithBamboo has null values